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Get the Work Hours You Need

Despairing of your work-life balance? These simple steps start you on the path to a flexible schedule.

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Must-Read Guide to Maternity Leave

Before you have kids, the idea of maternity leave may seem like a leisurely paid vacation. If only it weren't for that little diaper machine, waiting to be fed. Planning your maternity leave takes time and aforethought, but it can be done! You'll thank yourself later, when you're too sleep deprived to even write a to-do list.

What Is Paid Family Leave?

Do you have paid family leave? Wouldn't it be nice! An increasing number of employers and states are implementing paid family leave programs, so the dream could become a reality before long.

What Is Workplace Flexibility?

Workplace flexibility is the dream of many a working mom. But to get it, you've got to know what it means. Then you can negotiate for workplace flexibility with your supervisor or organization's human resources department. Even better: your employer offers workplace flexibility as a standard practice.

White House Holds First-Ever Summit on Working Families

The White House holds a lot of power to set policies, propose laws and use the bully pulpit to advocate for workplace flexibility, paid family leave, quality child care and decent wages. In June 2014 these issues took center stage at the first-ever White House summit on working families. Learn what Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden and other administration officials said at the event.

Plan a Perfect Summer for Your Family

They say that half the fun in a vacation is the planning. Well, here's how to plan a perfect summer for your family, full of relaxation and togetherness.

How to Survive the End of the School Year

It should be a fun time of celebration, but often we focus just on how to survive the end of the school year. Here's how to enjoy the transition, class parties, teacher gifts, final homework projects, and all.

3 Surefire Teacher Gifts for the End of the Year

It's hard enough finding the perfect present for a family member or friend you know well. When it comes to teacher gifts, many working moms panic and try to fit a red apple into an envelope. Read on for three tips for choosing the ideal teacher gifts for the end of the year or any time.

How to Talk to Kids About Anything

We'd all like to think we can talk to our kids about anything. But how do you broach that conversation about money missing from your wallet, or the fracas on the playground? Here are three ideas for how to talk to your kid.

The Perfect Teacher Thank You

It's almost the end of the school year, in these parts, and we are inundated with thank you gifts and notes for teachers, coaches and Scout leaders. As much of

Happy Mother's Day, Working Moms

This year, it seemed as if Mother's Day arrived early. From the grocery store to Facebook feeds, greetings abounded. Photo credit: Getty Images

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