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What Does Maxed Out Mean?


Question: What Does Maxed Out Mean?
What does maxed out mean? We've all felt it: massive to-do list, a million work projects and mental notes on top of your mental notes.

Maxed out is that feeling of too many responsibilities and not enough time. In 2013, Katrina Alcorn called her memoir Maxed Out: American Moms on the Brink. The book traces her journey from happy new mom with a work-from-home job and a reasonable work-life balance to an overloaded mom of two whose management responsibilities and demanding clients were crowding out her family and even her own health. She ended up having a panic attack while on an errand to buy diapers, and spent a year recovering from the anxiety, depression and insomnia that had become her world.

Of course, simply working while raising children won't push all of us over the edge to a nervous breakdown, but we've all felt maxed out at one time or another. It's often a sign that you need to take better care of yourself or adjust your work schedule to free up more time and energy for your family. If you're feeling maxed out on a regular basis, make a change!

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