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Professional-Looking Diaper Bags for Working Mothers


Working mothers are famous for multitasking. So is it any wonder that mothers who are professionals need a diaper bag we can carry from the boardroom to the playroom without breaking our stride?

Professional diaper bags must have room for the essential baby gear as well as work papers and electronic devices. They'll be professional looking enough to bring to the office without raising eyebrows. Here are my top picks of professional diaper bags for working mothers.

1. JP Lizzy's Cate Diaper Bag

Photo courtesy of JP Lizzy

I nearly cried when I finished reviewing JP Lizzy's Cate Diaper Bag and had to send it back. It's that gorgeous. This trim bag combines classic design with complete functionality, described at length in my full review.

Even if you've had no sleep the night before, you'll feel pulled together with this bag on your arm. And with multiple inner pockets for diapers, wipes, clothes and Mom's gear, you'll be well prepared for any emergency.

You can carry this bag long after your child is potty trained and nobody will be any wiser. It's even a reasonable price for a designer bag.

2. Amy Michelle's Gladiola Diaper Bag

Photo courtesy of Amy Michelle

The Amy Michelle Gladiola Bag is the accessory you'd expect to see on the arm of a New York fashion model. It also holds all the baby-case essentials inside, and a color-contrasting lining makes items easy to spot.

The faux patent leather is surprisingly soft and simple to clean. Thin straps attach to any stroller. And it's so lightweight that you won't get shoulder strain.

3. Caden Lane's Lola Messenger Bag

Photo courtesy of Caden Lane

The Caden Lane Lola bag is a great choice for a pink-loving working mom who wants a messenger bag. Personally, I prefer totes or backpacks.

This is a girly bag, make no mistake about it, so moms in hard-core finance or legal fields might want to steer clear. But others will adore the bows and other feminine touches.

4. Kalencom's N'Orleans Quilted Tote Bag

Photo courtesy of Kalencom

For working moms who need to carry a lot of gear, I'd recommend the N'Orleans quilted tote bag by Kalencom. It's not as chic or pretty as my top picks, but it is ample.

You can pack the bag with food and toys for a day trip, or pajamas and a change of clothes to drop off the kids overnight at Grandma's. Or you can easily slide a laptop in between layers of diapers and wipes, for those multitasking mamas.

As a bonus, Kalencom's manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, so you can use the bag without any guilty worries about increasing the chemical burden on the earth.

5. DadGear's Professional Messenger Bag

Photo courtesy of DadGear

Behind every successful working mom there's a supportive spouse, parent, friend or caregiver. You simply can't focus on your career if you're worried about your kids being safe and loved.

If your key support person is a man, this is the diaper bag for you. The DadGear messenger bag is one bag your husband or partner won't complain about carrying.

Working moms in a tag-team marriage know that often there's barely time to hand off the children between work, errands and other obligations. You certainly don't want to transfer items into a backpack or to argue about whether he has to carry your quilted, floral bag to the swimming pool.

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