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Child care. It's a minefield of emotion and guilt. Smart working moms know that the quality of child care can make or break a career. So take the time to choose wisely, and be alert to problems that may develop with your nanny, babysitter, daycare center or other caregiver.

10 Ways for Savvy Working Moms to Lower Their Child Care Cost
The cost of child care shocks many new parents. In some cities, the cost of a full-time nanny or two kids in a high-quality daycare center is over $30,000 a year -- rivaling annual college tuition. Even the Saturday night date starts to get pricey when you include 4 or 5 hours of babysitting. Here are 10 ideas for lowering your child care cost.

Selecting Child Care: the Pros and Cons of the Five Different Choices
Child care makes or breaks a working moms career. If youre stressed about your childs well-being, you cant focus on your job. Being confident that your child is in a safe, loving, and stimulating environment frees you to excel in the workplace. Lets run down the pluses and minuses of the five primary child care choices.

Evaluating Your Options for Child Care Services
When you return to work from maternity leave or a career break, finding reliable, affordable child care for your precious child is the top of your priority list. But how do you weigh and evaluate the different options for child care services? Everyone seems to have their own opinion about whether an in-home nanny, au pair, nanny share, preschool, family daycare or daycare center is the best. The right child care services for your family can come in many flavors, depending on the choices in your neighborhood and the kind of coverage you need for your work schedule. Start by educating yourself through this primer on child care services.

5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Grandparents Babysit
Moms and dads love the idea of having grandparents babysit. But sometimes the reality of grandparents babysitting is different from the concept. When your own mother is taking care of your child, it raises all kinds of emotional and logistical issues. Take note of these 5 pitfalls to avoid when grandparents babysit.

What's the Difference Between Daycare and Preschool?
You can't categorically state that preschool or daycare is better for your child. Sure, a preschool typically begins at age 2 or 3, while daycare take children as young as a few weeks old. But the difference between a daycare and preschool ultimately depends on the specific institution and how it might fit into your family's life. So when...

Discipline Differences: When You and Your Child’s Caregiver Clash
Maybe your child's preschool uses time-outs, while you’re a fan of positive parenting and gentle redirection. Or the nanny tolerates your toddler throwing food from the high chair, which you forbid. No matter your care situation, at some point your ideas of discipline will differ from your child's caregiver. It’s clear you need to have an...

Everything You Need to Know About Summer Camp Planning
For some new moms, the whole notion of summer camp planning seems a mystery. If your child attends a daycare center, the summer will most likely be indistinguishable from the school year, aside from a field trip or two and the availability of water play. If your child is in preschool or with a nanny, you may have the option of choosing a summer...

How Working Moms Find Emergency Child Care
There are invariably unexpected hitches in our best-laid plans that cause us to spring into action. Emergency child care certainly falls into that category. Whether it's a sick child or a sick nanny, a school power outage or a snowstorm that makes the roads impassable, there are bound to be unexpected changes in circumstance that require us to...

What Is a Live-In Nanny?
As you explore child care choices for your new baby, you might consider a live-in nanny. Whether you hire a live-in nanny just for the immediate period after giving birth, or permanently, you'll want to understand the benefits and drawbacks. A live-in nanny will be less expensive than a live-out nanny, but will come at the cost of privacy.

What Is Day Care?
When you first become a parent there are a million new things to learn, and day care is one of the most important. What day care is may vary depending on your geographical location, work hours and other factors. The most important parts of day care remain the same for all working moms.

Save on Child Care - How Do You Save on Child Care?
Child care cost shocks many new parents. But you can lower the cost of child care without sacrificing quality. Readers share their child care costs and how to reduce them.

Interview Questions for Au Pair Jobs
Do you know the right interview questions to screen candidates for au pair jobs? As you hire an au pair to care for your children, make sure you look past the obvious right answers to find an individual who is well suited for the rigors of full-time child care in a foreign country. Au pair jobs can be demanding and challenging for the young...

What Is a Nanny Share?
As a new mom looking for child care, you may have heard about a nanny share and wondered what it is. A nanny share can be a cost-effective way to give your baby close adult supervision while also exposing him or her to socialization with another child. A nanny share works best if you find the right family with which to share -- and the right...

Do You Worry Your Child Loves the Babysitter More Than You? Share Sto…
Working moms sometimes worry that their child loves the babysitter more than mommy. Share the stories that make you think your child loves the babysitter more -- and read other moms' tales of rejection and babysitter love.

What Is After Care?
When your child starts school, whether kindergarten or preschool, suddenly you realize how mismatched the school schedule is to your work schedule. That's when you need to know what is after care. After school care is simple, in principle.

What Is Before Care?
When your child begins a traditional school, whether kindergarten or preschool, suddenly you realize how mismatched the school schedule is to your work schedule. That's when you need to know what is before care. Before school care is simple, in principle.

What are the pros of a nanny vs. a daycare center?
I'm always surprised by mothers who assume that a nanny is a better child care choice than a daycare center for their infant. Maybe they feel this way because a nanny is usually much more expensive. To me, there are important differences of a nanny versus daycare that should be considered before you decide.

What Are the Pros of a Nanny Vs. a Family Daycare Center?
When you're choosing child care for your baby, you may ask what are the advantages of a nanny versus a family daycare center. Here are the pros of each choice. The most obvious advantage of a nanny vs. a family daycare is that your child will receive one-on-one attention from an adult who isn't distracted by other children. Moreover, you don't...

Keep Your Kid's Cold From Spoiling the Day
When your kid has a cold, you never know if it means one afternoon off, or an entire week. Hope it's just allergies. You can keep your kid's cold from turning your world upside down -- or derailing your career.

10 Ways to Find a Baby Sitter
When you give birth to your first child, you can't imagine finding a baby sitter who is worthy of being entrusted with the care of the most precious being in the world. But as the end of maternity leave nears, you are forced to confront the need for another adult -- or team of caregivers -- to take over some care from you, the doting mom. It's...

School Break Child Care Solutions
School break! Two words that cause both working moms and children to shriek, but for totally different reasons. The kids are thrilled and you are worried about your child care options during school break. Relax. These creative child care solutions will take the stress out of breaks from school.

8 Great Ways to Spend a Snow Day
When you wake up in the morning and see your child jumping for joy after peering out the window, that dreaded feeling suddenly overcomes you. The frost-covered streets have made getting to school – and possibly to work – impossible. You know there's a long day ahead because your children have a snow day. Now you're faced with the task of...

Daycare Packing List for Babies
Use this daycare packing list to make sure you take everything your baby needs. Use this packing list for daycare to reduce morning stress and avoid return trips home in the morning because you forgot something important.

Daycare Packing List for Toddlers
Have a toddler in daycare? Use this toddler packing list to make sure you take everything to daycare your toddler will need. Make mornings easier and less stressful with this packing list for daycare.

Best Child Care Choice - Working Moms Debate the Best Child C…
Working moms continually debate the best child care choice for their progeny. Now you can sound off on why working moms should choose a family daycare, a daycare center, relative care, an au pair or a nanny or babysitter. Add your voice to the mix!

Easy Steps to Finding the Best Summer Day Camp
Summer day camp is a necessity for many working moms who desire to keep their kids stimulated and active. However, when it comes to choosing a summer day camp that suits all your needs, the prospects can be limited. For this reason, it's wise to search for a summer day camp several months in advance, and to investigate all your options. Follow...

6 Questions to Ask Nanny Agencies
One of the most important interviews you'll ever do isn't the one for that big promotion or new job at a better paying company. Instead it's the interview you'll conduct with nanny agencies for your child care needs. To find the best person for the job you must first make sure you're dealing with a reputable nanny agency that can provide the...

Is There a Childcare Crisis?
When both parents work, quality child care is a necessity. The sticker shock of daycare can leave new parents reeling. For families with more than one child, child care can eat up one salary, leaving them wondering if both parents working is worth it. That second salary, however, provides a safety net for the family, if you can hang in there through the high-cost early years.

When There’s a Problem With a Caregiver
It's a parent's biggest concern, but problems in a childcare setting do occasionally happen. In many cases, the situation is fixable and your child can continue to be safe and happy in the care setting. The key is to address problems immediately with the teacher or program director. Even small concerns can cause a negative outcome for your child. So, what should you do if you have noted problems?

Child Care: 8 Tips to Keep the Squabbles Away
Kids fight. It's as simple as that and is a child behavior to be expected. Kids fight with each other for a multitude of reasons; parents and providers often have the difficult task of knowing when to let it run its course and when to intervene and take action.

Why the Search for Child Care Can Be Frazzling
You've made the decision to use child care. So, why is the search for a provider so difficult? Many a parent has struggled with choices about who, what type, where, how much, and how often. The answers aren't always easy. But the good news is that a quality care provider that is right for your family is out there ... you may just have to do some detective work.

5 Steps to Finding the Best Child Care Services
As a mother you want to make sure you're getting the best child care services while you're at work. Faced with a myriad of options for child care services, working moms need to weigh all options. There are several ways to find the best child care services for your child and yourself. Based on your salary, decide how much you can afford to pay...

5 Important Questions to Ask Infant Daycare Providers
While you're pregnant, it's wise to start visiting infant daycare centers. Narrow your infant daycare choices, and schedule personal interviews and tours of each facility. On your interview, be sure to ask the following five questions to infant daycare providers.

Finding the Best Day Camp for Your Child
Some of the most stressful times for working mothers can be summer, spring break and just about any time school isn't in session. That's when we must scramble for day camps that will occupy, stimulate and entertain our children while we're at work. However, finding the right day camp isn't always easy. Try employing the following tactics and...

What Is a Nanny?
What is a nanny? She could be a lady carrying a carpet bag and singing in a British accent. Or perhaps you'd like to know about the nanny who might be in your employ some day. Read on.

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