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Top 10 Ways to Get the Work Promotion You Deserve


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When it comes to being a full-time mother, there's no opportunity for advancement. Still, we strive to succeed at motherhood. But as mothers who work full time, we have the extra challenge of achieving the work promotions that are needed to advance in the workplace and climb higher on the corporate ladder. With employers more understanding of the task of balancing parenthood and work, a work promotion is more than a dream for working mothers. We just have to take steps to achieve it.

So how can you get the work promotion you desire when you have so many other responsibilities at home? Consider these tried and true ways to get the work promotion you deserve.

Get ahead at work. While you want to leave work on time to get home to the kids, don't make it obvious that this is your goal. Always finish your work and get ahead to illustrate you're a hard worker, dedicated to your job and have to ability to advance and handle more responsibility. Plus, if you are ahead of schedule, you'll be in a better position to field the unexpected school closure or sick child.

Show nothing is beyond your reach. When it comes to your work performance, never say "no." Always be available to complete the task at hand, even if it''s something that is very unappealing to you. Never pass off work to co-workers, even if the task seems difficult. Show you can complete any assignment that is handed to you. However, you can always say "yes," and suggest a reasonable due date for the assignment -- or ask which current priority should be back burnered so you can put all your energy on the new task.

Volunteer for harder work assignments. To advance, you have to show you can go to the next level, and can do the job of your immediate boss. By showing you can go beyond your own job duties, you show your employer that you can handle more responsibility, and position yourself for a work promotion.

Make proposals. Instead of sitting back and just doing the job you've been assigned, make proposals that will help you succeed in business situations. If you can come up with a way to gain new clients, enhance the web presence of your business or expand revenue, tell your boss about it in a formal proposal. This will show your assertiveness and allow your employer to see you as someone who should get a promotion within the company.

Show off your talents. Make your employer notice your talents by having them highlighted with all milestones that you accomplish. For example, if your negotiating skills are your strong point, then tackle projects that will showcase your prime negotiating skills, and make sure your boss knows a project was successful due to you being able to properly broker the deal.

Be a leader. No employer wants to promote the follower, so show off your leadership skills any time you can take the reins on a project. If you show you can lead a team to the next level in the workplace, then your boss will more likely view you as a candidate deserving of a work promotion.

Let your employer know you desire a work promotion. Make sure your employer knows you want to be next in line for a promotion should the opportunity open up in your workplace. Some ways to do this include mentioning in conversation how you plan to grow with the company and talk about long-term career goals for yourself at the company.

Be aggressive. Employees worthy of a work promotion are always aggressive in going after what they want for themselves in their career. Make sure you get noticed in the workplace by being the assertive one who is always there to take a task at hand and see it through from the beginning to its culmination.

Be social. While a work promotion is often based on your job performance in the workplace, it doesn't hurt to get on good social terms with your boss. Find common interests and talk about those subjects during your lunch break or downtime at work. If it's all business between you and your boss, then you don't give him or her time to see you as a human being and care about your success on a personal level.

Be a team player. People who are viewed as worthy of a work promotion are those who can be team players. When you show your employer you can lead a team or be part of one, you're illustrating your versatility. Work promotions are often granted to those people an employer can count on to take the right leadership role during a project or assignment.

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