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Mom Corps Offers Part-Time, Flexible Work


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Description of Mom Corps:

Atlanta-based Mom Corps was one of the first companies to see the potential in the legions of mothers looking for flexible, part-time jobs. When you register with Mom Corps, you give details of your work experience and your criteria for a job. Then you upload your resume to the Mom Corps database.

While registration is free for individuals, you can pay Mom Corps about $10 a month for a featured listing, meaning your resume will be at the top when an employer is searching for people with your qualifications.

Whether recovering from a layoff or merely preparing for the next move, registered users can search Mom Corps’ job board and apply for positions. You can also receive weekly notifications of new job listings. Mom Corps sells coaching and career advice to job hunters, and recruiting and staffing services to employers.

In addition to Mom Corps, there are over a dozen other ways to find part-time jobs.

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