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7 Ways to Find Last Minute Holiday Deals


last minute holiday deals
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When it comes to holiday shopping, everyone loves a deal. From toys for the kids to teachers' presents, there's an array of holiday gifts to purchase with a limited amount of time. Don't discount last minute holiday deals as impossible. When you find yourself scrambling to purchase all your gifts, and getting it all done before the holidays, consider these ways to take advantage of last minute holiday deals.

Shop Online. By using a search engine, like Google, you can plug in items you need to purchase, plus words like "sale" or "discount" to locate retailers offering the best holiday deals when you're searching for them. Online shopping also allows you to compare prices among various retailers. This ensures you get the best last minute holiday deals available.

Open "Junk Mail." What may appear to be another useless advertisement might be a great holiday deal that literally arrives at your doorstep. When you're busy, you often discard advertisements that arrive in the mail before reading them. Instead, take a few minutes to open this mail; you might find some last minute holiday deals in the form of coupons for inexpensive gifts.

Ask Your Friends. Word of mouth is a convenient way to land some terrific last minute holiday deals. Ask your friends, put a posting on Facebook, or send out e-mail blasts to colleagues inquiring about last minute holiday deals.

Watch Commercials. Television commercials are one of the most powerful advertising vehicles. When department stores host last minute holiday deals, it's likely they will run television advertisements a few days prior to the sale. So don't fast forward commercials when you're watching an evening drama on your DVR system; these advertisements might have the last minute holiday deals you've been seeking.

Clip Newspaper Coupons. The Sunday newspaper is sure to be chock full of coupons for stores offering last minute holiday deals. From top toy stores to local mom and pop shops, many retailers use newspaper circulars to advertise last minute holiday deals.

Go to the Mall. When you shop in a mall, you'll find many stores offering last minute deals during the holiday season. An array of stores in one place allows you to seek out the best last minute holiday deals during one shopping spree. You can easily ask clerks and cashiers about last minute holiday deals, and there will likely be signs advertising these savings as you enter each store.

Shop on Black Friday. Traditionally known as the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday-- the day after Thanksgiving -- is when retailers offer last minute holiday deals. From electronic stores offering great discounts on computer software to clothing retailers slashing prices on high fashion items, last minute holiday deals can be found virtually everywhere on Black Friday.

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