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Holiday Facts for the Whole Year

Learn Holiday Facts and Traditions for Families


Holiday facts may not come easily to your mind. But when your child asks, you'll want to give her facts about the holiday you're about to celebrate. Don't make things up! Check out this calendar with facts for each holiday. It'll give you all the holiday facts you need to inform and entertain your kids.

Fun Trivia About Valentine's Day

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No list of holiday facts would be complete without Valentine's Day, a fun holiday for kids and parents. You'll find holiday facts such as how many marriages take place each day in the U.S. and how many pounds of candy we eat each year. (Hint: almost as much as my 2-year old weighs.)

St. Patrick's Day Holiday Facts

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Do you know all the facts about the holiday honoring St. Patrick? Yes, it falls on March 17 and honors the Catholic saint who legendarily chased snakes from Ireland. But here are some more St. Patrick's Day facts to surprise and amuse you.

Learn Mother's Day Trivia

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Did you know Mother's Day is over a century old? Learn about the origins of the holiday and other Mother's Day trivia. For instance, there are about 83 million mothers in the U.S. and a majority of moms of minor children work for pay.

Know Your Father's Day Facts?

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Do you know your Father's Day trivia? Or when is Father's Day? The first official celebration of dads was in 1910, and dad-boosters have been collecting Father's Day trivia since then. Learn the most popular Father's Day gifts and other useful facts.

Grandparents Day Falls in September

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Grandparents Day is one of those holidays that sneaks up on you. You can't count on being tipped off by large displays in your grocery store. Still, it's an opportunity to improve your relationship with your child's grandparents with a card or phone call. I'll bet even they don't know all these holiday facts about Grandparents Day and its origins.

Halloween Facts and History

Who doesn't love Halloween? Aside from the joy of dressing up, there's all that yummy candy. Did you know it started with the Ancient Celts?

Veterans Day Honors U.S. Soldiers

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Veterans Day presents an opportunity to honor living military veterans, many of whom are working moms. The November holiday is marked by speeches and parades and has a well-documented history.

All the Facts About Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving kicks off the year-end holiday season. But for all the years you've celebrated Thanksgiving, how much do you know about its history and origins?

Get the Number on Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa

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We spend billions of dollars on toys and other gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa each year. Between packages mailed, Christmas trees purchased and candles lit, there are lots of numbers associated with the real holiday season.
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