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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Kid's Halloween Fun

On Halloween, Kids Just Want Candy and a Good Scare


Forget the elaborate parties and expensive decorations. For Halloween, kids just want to have a good time and eat candy until they're sick. Here are 5 ideas to make your kids' Halloween fun and safe.

1. Make Kids' Halloween a Breeze

kids Halloween
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Keep your kids' Halloween from becoming a stressful day for mom by thinking through when you'll trick or treat, how much organizing you want to do and how to keep the sugar quotient reasonable. Here's a recipe for a kid's Halloween that's fun and easy -- and safe.

2. Tell Your Kids Halloween History

To your kids, Halloween is just an excuse to overindulge in sugar and dress up. But the celebration of Halloween actually dates back thousands of years to Celtic rituals. The demand for jack-o-lanterns contributes to the 1.1 billion pounds of pumpkins, worth $117 million, that major pumpkin-growing states produced last year. Share with your kids Halloween trivia -- and fun facts -- to commemorate the holiday.

3. Best and Worst Kids' Halloween Ever

Check out our readers' stories of their best and worst Halloween memories -- and their kids' Halloween favorites. They tell of police reports over Halloween pranks and moonlit hay rides. Please share your own tale of delight or agony!

4. Easy-to-Make Halloween Decorations and Crafts

Since I'm not especially crafty, I'm grateful that Sherri Osborn, the About.com Guide to Family Crafts, has put together an encyclopedia of craft projects for Halloween that kids and adults alike will enjoy. Your house can be a gallery of spooky decorations with Sherri's help.

5. Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids or Adults

Sherri also has a fabulous collection of creative adults and kids Halloween costumes that you can make at the last minute with items you have around your house. Your neighbors and friends don't need to know how easy it is to pull off any of these dozens of costumes.
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