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Fun and Easy Ideas for Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day ideas don't have to be complicated to work. In fact, the simplest ideas for Valentine's Day have been the same for generations: keep the kids occupied, plan ahead and let your hair down! Follow these Valentine's Day ideas for the perfect fun, romantic celebration.

1. Share History, Ideas About Valentine's Day

valentines day ideas
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Talk is cheap; in fact it's free! Start your Valentine's Day celebration by sharing some fun facts about the holiday. The origins of Valentine's Day stretch back over 1500 years, but it's how we live today that stuns me: thousands of confectionery stores and nearly 35 pounds of candy consumed per person each year.

These fun facts can be the basis of a trivia game for your children, or merely the spark of conversation when you're facing your husband across the dinner table and forbidden from discussing the schedule or kids on this romantic night.

2. Fun, Affordable Valentine's Day Ideas

valentines day ideas
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The worst idea for Valentine's Day would be to spend the entire dinner worrying about how you'll pay for the expensive meal. Instead, try one of these cheap dates that are guaranteed to be fun and relaxing. An enjoyable time with the one you love is always better when you don't rack up credit card debt.

3. Ideas for Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentines Day ideas
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Nor should you spend a bundle on Valentine's Day gifts, unless you desire. There are dozens of creative, lovely gifts you can easily make for your children, partner or even your parents. Think pink, red, lace, chocolate and you're most of the way there.

4. Line Up Cheap or Free Child Care

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For parents, it can be hard to get out to dinner for Valentine's Day simply because babysitters are at a premium that night. Consider shifting your celebration to another day and swapping care with friends. You'll save on the restaurant bill and babysitting. Or try one of these other ideas to cut your child care costs.

5. Give Attention to Your Marriage

Valentines Day ideas
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Valentine's Day is only a 24-hour period. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to plan the perfect craft for your children or arrange a relationship-saving night out with your spouse.

Your holiday will truly shine because of the attention you give every day of the year to your partner's needs and to your relationship. What's that, you sometimes forget? Well, we all do that. There's no better time than the present to rediscover that spark.

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