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To Get Everyone Out the Door on Time, Put Kids to Bed in Clothes

Streamline Your Morning by Letting Your Children Go to Bed Clothed


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Working moms know all too well the daily struggle to get kids out of bed, into clothes and out the door before the school bus arrives or your boss stops by your desk. Take one chore out of your morning routine by letting your children go to bed in clothes.

If you have a baby, it's simple to put your infant to bed in clothes. Most baby outfits are soft and zipper free, so they're unlikely to irritate your child overnight.

But you'll really appreciate the joy of sending kids to bed in clothes when you have a toddler. Nobody wants to wrestle a squirmy two-year old into a clean outfit when you're both hungry and the clock is ticking closer to 9 a.m. Just make sure to choose loose-fitting, comfortable ensembles that will be comfortable for sleep.

Even school-aged children can go to bed in clothes as long as they don't have heavy seams or zippers that will be uncomfortable overnight. Sure, you'll have the occasional accident at night and need to change clothes, but I'm guessing the majority of your mornings will run smoothly if you use this tip.

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