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Tips for a Hassle-Free Kids Lunch

Make the Mornings Easier and Save a Buck or Two


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Making your kids lunch doesn't have to be a last-minute scramble in the kitchen as they walk out the door to school. When you make a kid's lunch in a hurry, it's less likely to be healthy, balanced and appealing. Not to mention, it adds to your stress level and working moms guilt.

Consider these quick tips to take the kid's lunch off your worry list.

Prepare lunch the night before. Instead of including the kid's lunch in your busy morning routine, wrap it into the evening when you have less time pressure. In fact, the easiest thing is to use leftover dinner for your kids' lunch -- you can put it directly into their lunch boxes instead of storage containers.

Make food for the whole family at once. Maybe it's been a while since you had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Try it. You may enjoy the nostalgic taste, and I guarantee you'll like the convenience of making lunch for everyone at the same time. You'll also help your budget by cutting out the temptation of buying your own lunch.

Encourage your kids to make their own lunches. Our 15-year old makes her own school lunch and our 2-year old doesn't. Anyone in between is a prospect for kitchen patrol. If you prompt your children to spread hummus or cream cheese on some bread, it will take the chore off your plate. They can also select the fruit or veggies they'd like on the side. As a bonus, when they have a hand in making the meal, they're more likely to eat it!

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