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Quick Dinner Recipes


Families with children rely on quick dinner recipes to make it through the busy week of work, school and afterschool activities. From ramen stir fry and chicken tenders to a simple casserole, these quick dinner recipes are easy and use only a few ingredients. Delight your kids and make meal time a breeze with these quick dinner recipes.

Quick Dinner Recipe for Quesadillas

I think my kids learned to say tortilla before they could say bread. Quesadillas, their favorite cheesy tortilla dinner, are a staple in our household. This quick dinner of quesadillas can be made with almost any leftovers in your fridge: steak, portabella mushrooms, chicken, pork or leave them plain cheese.

Easy Chicken Tenders

baked chicken tenders
Photo by Stephanie Gallagher
Chicken tenders are one of the few foods I can count on my children eating without a complaint. This apricot-flavored chicken tenders recipe will save you time and avoid complaints from picky eaters.

Simple Ramen Stir-Fry

ramen stir fry recipe
Photo by Katherine Lewis
I love this recipe for ramen stir fry because it's a simple, fast route to a balanced meal. With noodles, vegetables, eggs and a dash of protein, you can hit all the food groups in about 10 minutes of prep and cooking time.

5 Ingredient Casserole Recipes

5 ingredient casserole
Photo by Linda Larsen
When I first started cooking for a family, the long lists of ingredients in my new cookbooks intimidated me. I never knew what I could leave out or substitute. The 5 ingredient casserole was made for people like me. With just a few staples, you can whip up a nutritious dinner for the whole family!

Tomato Cheese Fish Fillets

You can cook these easy fish fillets in your microwave and have them on the table before your kids have unpacked their backpacks and washed their hands. The cheesy topping offers a great way to get fish into their diets.
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