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Home and Family Management for Working Moms


It's known as the second shift. After a full day at the office, mothers come home to another eight hours (or more) of work raising children and managing the home. Even working moms whose partners share chores equally often find that mom is the default child raiser, household manager, information officer and decision maker. Here are working mom-tested tips for lightening the load and managing your family more efficiently.
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Child Care

Every working parent needs loving and reliable child care in order to succeed at the office while raising children. The ideal choice for you depends on your income, work schedule, child's age and child raising philosophy. Here's the lowdown on child care.


Working moms face unique parenting challenges and opportunities. Here are resources for coaching your child through difficult moments and parenting ideas that accommodate your schedule and career demands.

Adult Relationships

It's not all about the kids. Whether you're married, partnered or single, adult relationships give you support and fulfillment beyond your role as mother. You'll thank yourself for finding the time for adult interactions. Don't forget to nourish the most important relationship -- with yourself.

Own Your Working Momhood

The vast majority of mothers with minor children at home work for pay. So there's no reason to feel ashamed or conflicted about working while raising your children. Repeat after me: "I'm a working mom and I'm proud!"

Home Management

Managing a home can easily become a full-time job -- and you've already got one of those! Lighten your load with these easy, healthy meals and strategies to maximize your limited cleaning time. From organizational tips to quick dinner ideas, you'll find plenty of inspiration here.

Responsible Finances

Now that you have kids, it's time to get responsible with your finances. Saving money doesn't have to mean deprivation. You can be financially responsible and still find ways to have fun.

Holidays and Birthdays

With kids, you'll never lose track of the holidays. Even the youngest baby in daycare seems to come home with a Mother's Day card. You too can make the holidays fun, cheap and easy. And if you run out of time to research your own gift list, check out the top picks for working moms.

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