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Working mothers face a special challenge when it comes to fitting children's activities around their jobs. From playgroups to the high school debate team, the trick is to follow your children's interests without letting them get overscheduled.
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Help Your Children Volunteer in the Community
You want to encourage your children to volunteer in the community. But your lives are so busy that you can’t seem to find the time. You can help children volunteer by finding at-home ways to contribute or combining other activities with volunteer work. Above all, set an example for why children should volunteer.

8 Ways to Make Household Chores Fun For Kids
Kids often despise doing their chores. And the more working moms ask their kids to complete chores, the less enthusiastic they may be about doing so. For this reason, it's important to make chores fun for kids. Follow these 8 tips when assigning chores to your children.

10 Easy Steps to a Carpool Solution for Working Moms
Working moms often seek ways to reduce some of their everyday tasks. For example, getting the kids to and from school and extracurricular activities. Instead of rushing to drive the kids where they have to be on time yourself, organize a carpool with other mothers in order to share the responsibility and make maximum use of your time. However,...

Keep Back-to-School Season From Derailing Your Work
During back-to-school season, it can seem that you are filling out as many forms for the school as for work. Your family's daily schedule is thrown into a completely new routine. When the end of the day comes and the kids are finally in bed, you want to collapse into a puddle on the floor but there are still more tasks to complete before sleeping. Meanwhile, the end of summer means that everyone is in full gear at work, sending you suddenly urgent projects and endless emails and overloading you on that front as well. How can you get everything done at home without showing up to work the next morning exhausted?

What Are the Rules for the All About Parenting Blog Carnival?
What are the All About Parenting Blog Carnival rules? To participate in the About.com parenting and family channel's blog carnival, you must follow the rules.

What Is a Blog Carnival?
What is a blog carnival? The bloggers on the About.com parenting and family channel show you what a blog carnival is every month by collecting blog posts on a given theme. Read on to see what is a blog carnival.

All About Parenting Blog Carnival Archive
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Make These Easy Crafts for Kids at Home
You don't need to be creative to do easy crafts for kids at home. Whether it's reserved for a Sunday afternoon rainy day activity , or to keep the children occupied and entertained while you complete housework, easy crafts for kids can provide hours of fun for the whole family. The next time you’re looking for something to occupy your...

5 Ways Working Moms Can Schedule a Playdate
For working mothers, scheduling a playdate isn't always the most convenient or easy task. Often, your stay-at-home counterparts want to schedule these activities right after school -- a time when your child is either in aftercare or with a nanny. However, there are many ways for working mothers to schedule a playdate for their child.

What Is Sleepaway Camp?
In the old days, sleepaway camp meant driving an hour to the woods and dropping your kids off with a can of bug spray and a couple of swimsuits. Nowadays, sleepaway camp can involve an elaborate screening of possible summer sleepaway camps and a plane flight to a truly isolated, idyllic location. You can even find sleepaway camps for the entire...

Easy to Make Popsicle People Crafts
So many parents made popsicle crafts as children. This simple popsicle craft project is a fun and easy craft to share with your kids. And you can always use making popsicle people crafts as an excuse to eat chilly sweet treats!

Learn to Make a Terrific Telescope Craft
Is your child a budding explorer or would-be Harriet the Spy? Try this craft idea: a simple telescope craft that will encourage your children to learn more about the world around them. A telescope craft is easy to make and a terrific accessory for your child's expeditions.

Physical Education for Elementary Kids
Your kids get PE class during the school day, but most parents realize that more physical education is needed for their kids' health and well being. Physical activity has many benefits for children in developing physical and mental health, but recent research suggests that it may even help your child learn better.

Easy Treasure Chest Craft
Children love having a secret place to store their treasures. And they love easy crafts. Now you can combine the two with this easy treasure chest craft that doubles as a jewelry box. Divert your children while making a treasure chest craft together.

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Writing Activities for Kids at Home
Try these fun activities to help your children practice writing skills.

5 Ways to Introduce Your Children to Classical Music
Children learn at a young age that classical music can be boring. Children don't quite comprehend the complexities and meanings of classical music. Here are five ways to introduce classical music to your children in exciting activities that they can relate to.

Ideas on Making TV a Better Learning Experience for Your Children
Many creators of TV shows and DVDs aimed at preschoolers encourage parents to watch with their children to enhance the learning experience. Here are some suggestions for effective "co-viewing".

Home Made Playdough Recipes
Little hands love stimulation, and these playdough recipes will keep them busy for a long time. All can be made at home with standard pantry ingredients.

Back to School Ideas for Working Moms
Do you dread the end of summer as much as your children? When they're mourning the return to the school routine and homework, you're worried about how to get everything done. Fear no more. Here are some fresh back to school ideas for keeping the schedule under control, helping your kids transition and finding the best back to school deals....

6 Fall Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy
Fall is the time to enjoy all the season has to offer with family. From pumpkin picking to hayrides, fall activities abound. Many kids will engage in fall activities by joining the local soccer, baseball, or football teams. But when there are no sports to play, there are many other fall activities the whole family can enjoy.

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Learn to Make the Perfect Puppet Pet Craft
Who doesn't love a puppet craft? This perfect puppet pet craft is easy for kids to make and fun to play with after the glue has dried. Learn to make this puppet pet craft.

Learn to Make a Holiday Mask Craft
Children love to dress up and pretend. They can make their own disguises with this holiday mask craft. It's fun and easy for kids to make a holiday mask craft – even with a parent who is not crafty.

Top 8 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Overnight Camp (and Yourself)
Overnight camp can be a frightening experience for your child - as well as for you. Regardless if the camp session is a week, month or the whole summer, the first time your child goes away to overnight camp, you'll worry and miss him or her. Your child, on the other hand, will likely experience serious excitement about the pending new experience.

Master Back-to-School Organization
Back-to-school is a very busy time of year especially for working moms. Start the year off right with this back-to-school organization guide. You'll learn how to help your child get organized, how to create a homework center, how to shop for school supplies and how to avoid late-night trips to the store for last-minute project supplies.

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