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5 Ways Working Moms Can Schedule a Playdate


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For working mothers, scheduling a playdate isn't always the most convenient or easy task. Often, your stay-at-home counterparts schedule playdates right after school -- a time when your child is either in aftercare or with a nanny. Now, you may feel guilty that your child is missing out on one-on-one interaction with a friend.

However, there are many ways for working mothers to schedule a playdate for their child.

Suggest a Weekend Playdate In many cases, your child will come home from school asking for a playdate with a particular classmate. Why not suggest a Saturday morning in the park or a trip to a local museum? These types of outings allow you to get to know the other parents in a casual setting, while the kids play for an hour or two. Plus, if you schedule a playdate for 10 or 11 a.m. you can wrap it up by noon and still have your afternoon free for family activities.

Give the Nanny the Day Off A playdate occurs in one of two ways: with a parent of both children or just one parent. If you're comfortable allowing your child to visit a friend's house without you, schedule a playdate where your babysitter drops off your child at his or her friend's house after school. You can pick your child up after work.

Schedule a Regular Playdate If your child has one particular friend with whom he or she wishes to have a regular playdate, try to come up with a rotating schedule, such as once per week or per month. Rotate between a playdate at your home and the other child's house. This gives you some free time on a weekend or in the evening when it's your turn to drop off your child at his or her friend's house.

Join a Mommy Group If you have a child who is not yet in school to make his or her own friends, join a playgroup in your area. Often, these groups for working moms will be held on the weekends in different locations, such as a park or indoor playground. You can find playgroups in your area through daycare centers, community organizations and churches. Also, look for advertisements for playgroups of moms with kids the same age as your child in local magazines and on websites.

Pair Up with Another Parent If you get to know the parents of your child's friends it makes it easier to schedule playdates at your convenience. Often, if you find a parent with whom you have a lot in common, you can have quality adult interaction on a playdate. These gatherings often then morph from an hour in your house, to a trip with the kids and spouses to a nearby amusement park, local theater production or even a family vacation.

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