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Back to School Ideas for Working Moms

Stay Sane With These Back to School Ideas


Do you dread the end of summer as much as your children? When they're mourning the return to the school routine and homework, you're worried about how to get everything done. Fear no more. Here are some fresh back to school ideas for keeping the schedule under control, helping your kids transition and finding the best back to school deals. Please share your back to school ideas, too!

Back to School Schedules

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Possibly the biggest transition from summer to the school year is the schedule. No more week-long vacations at the beach or letting bedtime slide. You need solid back to school ideas to structure the fall schedule. You want to pack everything in without getting too overloaded by schoolwork and activities. First, get the key dates on your calendar for back to school night and other parent events.

If your children are old enough, ask about their back to school ideas. When they've helped you brainstorm the schedule -- and agreed on afterschool activities -- they'll be more likely to fall in line with your plans as the fall progresses. Every family has a different metabolism, so be confident in the pace that works for you.

Back to School Learning

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Did your children complete every book on the reading list and spend dedicated time each summer day on mathematics and writing? Well, if you focused more on fun than consolidating last year's knowledge, here are some back to school ideas to ramp up the learning.

First, establish systems for communicating with the school and your children's teachers, including where to deposit and organize paperwork from school so it doesn't pile up. Next, create a distraction-free zone for your children to do their homework, whether it's 10 minutes or three hours daily. These healthy habits will serve them well for life. While you may have a role in helping them set up useful routines, ultimately they will need to take charge of homework.

Back to School Deals

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Okay, now we've reached the most fun of the back to school ideas. Shopping isn't quite as enjoyable when you're the one footing the bill, but you can still have a good time hunting out back to school deals and collaborating with your children on a shopping list that won't break the bank.

The secret to back to school deals is the same as many things in life: start early, be patient and hold out for the right price on items you truly need. No impulse shoppers need apply!

Back to School Facts

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While you're waiting in line, whether at the check-out counter or the parking lot exit, consider these back to school facts. We spend over $7 billion on clothes and $2 billion in bookstores just in the month of August, as 76 million children and adults prepare to go back to school. That's more than a quarter of the U.S. population older than 3 years. Just looking at children in kindergarten through 12th grade, you find 56 million students. Wow your kids with these statistics and other fun facts about back to school.

Streamlined Dinner Prep

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Stock your cupboard with ingredients for easy dinners you can get on the table in under 10 minutes. You'll need them to make it through the busy week of work, school and afterschool activities. From ramen stir fry and chicken tenders to a simple casserole, these quick dinner recipes are easy and use only a few ingredients. Delight your kids and make meal time a breeze even after they go back to school.
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