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Make These Easy Crafts for Kids at Home


You don't need to be creative to do easy crafts for kids at home. Whether it's reserved for a Sunday afternoon rainy day activity, or to keep the children occupied and entertained while you complete housework, easy crafts for kids can provide hours of fun for the whole family.

The next time you’re looking for something to occupy your children, try one of these five easy crafts for kids:

1. Easy Craft For Kids: A Terrific Telescope

telescope craft ideas
Photo credit: Tracey Porpora

Is your child a budding explorer or would-be Harriet the Spy? This simple telescope craft makes a terrific accessory for your child's expeditions.

2. Easy Craft For Kids: Holiday Masks

Children who love to dress up and pretend can make their own disguises with this holiday mask craft. It's fun and easy for kids – even with a parent who is not crafty.

3. Easy Craft For Kids: Popsicle People

Share your childhood memories of making popsicle people crafts with your own kids. And it's a great excuse to eat chilly sweet treats!

4. Easy Craft For Kids: The Perfect Puppet Pet

Who doesn't love a puppet craft? This perfect puppet pet craft is easy for kids to make and fun to play with after the glue has dried.

5. Easy Craft for Kids: Treasure Chest

To complete the list of easy crafts for kids, make this easy treasure chest or jewelry box. Children love having a secret place to store their treasures and precious objects.
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