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Jobs for Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women Find Jobs With the Right Fit


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Finding jobs for pregnant women

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If you're having a normal pregnancy, you likely can continue to work until your due date. However, that doesn't mean it will always be easy. You'll likely begin to notice that everyday activities require more energy than ever before. In fact, as your pregnancy progresses, so can that feeling of being run-down for periods of time.

Pregnant women might find certain jobs, such as those that require you to be on your feet all day, increasingly difficult. Because of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act , which was instituted in 1978, employers can't deny a woman a job simply because she is pregnant.

In fact, jobs for pregnant women are plentiful in the United States. Many jobs for pregnant women will support some of the following situations:

Computer Work Great jobs for pregnant women are those that occur in front of a computer. While being sedentary all day isn't healthly, some daily work in front of a computer might make jobs easier for pregnant women who are used to being on their feet all day. From data processing to website design, many positions today require computer work. However, make sure you set up an ergonomically correct workstation to prevent conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Time for Breaks Take time out to eat lunch during a busy day at the office, and for 10 minute breaks to help you refresh and regroup. Breaks are needed to give your body the proper respite. You'll probably return to work with renewed energy and focus if you take care of yourself this way and don't work uninterrupted for hours.

The Ability to Work From Home If you're experiencing a high-risk pregnancy and can't perform your normal job duties, but still need to earn a paycheck, there are several jobs for pregnant women that can allow you to make money and still get the rest you need. Even expectant moms with normal pregnancies might appreciate an occasional work-from-home day to get a break from the commute.

If your doctor suggested that you engage in restricted activity, working from home is probably your best option. There are many jobs that can either be launched from home or offer telecommuting. If you've been put on bed rest, but hold a job that can be completed remotely, ask your employer if you can work from home until your maternity leave begins. (In some cases, bed rest could warrant early maternity pay. Check with your employer on this issue.) Make sure to clear any arrangement with your physician.

Less Strenuous Physical Work Women who hold jobs that require strenuous physical activity, such as a hands-on personal trainer or construction worker, will be more able to do these jobs while pregnant than women who have worked for many years in offices. However, if you're looking for a job while pregnant, it's not wise to take on one that has more physical requirements than you're used to.

In addition, women in these very physical jobs may have to cut down on some activities as the pregnancy progresses. Always check with your physician if you have doubts about certain activities or tasks while pregnant. However, remember that research finds that exercise during pregnancy is healthy and recommended by physicians.

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