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Planning Maternity Leave


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Wrap Up Work, Plan Your Return
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You're almost done planning for maternity leave! In the final weeks before your leave begins, wrap up your remaining projects and write any instructions or memos that colleagues will need to fill in while you're out of the office. It's smart to finish the top priority items first, since babies have been known to arrive ahead of schedule. Next, set the stage for your return to work.

Set Up an Out of Office Message

Before your maternity leave, set up an out of office message so that anyone who sends you e-mail knows you won't be responding to it right away. You might also want to unsubscribe from any regular newsletters or e-mail lists that you're on, so you don't return to a stuffed e-mail box. Make sure to keep notes, so you can re-subscribe when you come back to work.

How to Write a Resignation Letter After Maternity Leave

If you have a change of heart while on maternity leave, write a resignation letter that is professional and in keeping with your company's policies. Make sure you understand whether you'll be expected to repay any paid leave that you took. (When in doubt, consult an employment lawyer.)

The Essentials for Returning to Work

As your maternity leave draws to an end, you'll want to make a checklist to smooth your path back to the office. From emergency child care to the baby gear you'll need, here are the essentials for returning to work.

Surviving the First Week Back

The first week back is often the toughest. Don't worry, you'll make it through with these tips.

How to Find Work-Life Balance

Once you're an official working mom, you'll understand why all your friends complain about their work-life balance - or lack thereof. Here's the first secret you need to know about work-life balance.

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