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Clickety Click Review -- Safe Lunch Boxes for Kids That Are Cute, Too

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Safe lunch boxes

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The Bottom Line

My review of the Clickety Click lunch box was a joy. My preschooler is a picky eater, like many. But because she liked the cartoon characters on the lunch box, for once she was excited to take out the food I packed her for daycare. Unlike many lunch boxes for kids, this one has two containers to keep food separate, which stack neatly with a matching fork. Hip moms may enjoy being part of the trend of packing a kid's lunch in a bento box. I was just relieved to send lunch in a container I knew was made of safe plastics -- certified BPA free. Here's my review of one of my favorite safe lunch boxes for kids.


  • Compact lunch box, with design that appeals to mom and kids
  • Made of BPA-free plastic
  • Inexpensive enough to buy multiple sets
  • Easy to store at home and school
  • Microwave safe


  • While the cartoon characters are cute, they don’t have the appeal of Batman or Hannah Montana
  • The manufacturer recommends washing by hand


  • Japanese bento box sized for child lunches
  • Buttery yellow, blue, or pink, with appealing design
  • Two stackable containers hold plenty of food, unless you have a teenage boy
  • An elastic band keeps the box snugly together (buy separately -- just $1 more)
  • After lunch, the containers nest for compact transport home
  • Cartoon characters adorn the top of the box and cutlery
  • Lightweight, microwave safe and BPA free
  • Not recommended for dishwasher cleaning

Guide Review - Clickety Click Review -- Safe Lunch Boxes for Kids That Are Cute, Too

I'm embarrassed to admit that I'd been sending my daughters' lunch to school in old Chinese food containers, the round plastic kind. But after reading yet another article about the dangers of plastics that leach chemicals into food, risking hormone damage, I decided to find a better box.

I thought of using the classic brown paper sack with sandwich bags for food. But that raises other problems. Each lunch would produce trash for a landfill, for one, when I'm trying to be gentler on the environment. And I often send dinner leftovers to school, which are best microwaved. I'm pretty sure microwaving a plastic bag of pasta wins you a spot in the Bad Moms Hall of Fame.

So I was excited to find the Clickety Click lunch box for only $1.50, soon to rise to $1.75. It's made of BPA-free plastic and is microwave safe. While the manufacturer doesn't recommend dishwasher cleaning, the very nice web operations manager for www.ichibankanusa.com assured me it does fine at lower heat settings.

Like all things Japanese, the lunch box is an aesthetic delight. The color is a buttery yellow (or you can choose pink or blue) and two separate containers stack neatly for storage or transport to school. A matching fork tucks beneath a clear top, and elastic bands hold the whole thing together.

You could fit a small sandwich or serving of pasta in the larger container, with fruit, baby carrots and some hummus in the smaller one. I recommend buying small flexible food cups for hummus or even simply to separate different foods for picky eaters.

I found the Japanese cartoons an improvement over mass marketed icons like Hannah Montana or Batman. But some kids will insist on their favorite characters. And of course, I still have to find a way to keep my husband from sticking it in the dishwasher alongside those raggedy Chinese takeout containers.

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Laptop Lunchbox, Member sustainaguy

I bought a laptop lunch from Real Green Goods last year for my niece. It was her first year going to school and I wanted her to have the safest lunch box possible, but also the most practical. The plastic used in the laptop lunch by Obentec is a #5 which is considered the “food-safe” plastic and has no known leaching properties or harmful carcinogenic chemicals added. Studies show that other plastics like 3, 6 and 7 are harmful to our health, becoming more associated with cancer developments, not something I would personal want my niece to be subject to. Yes, the safest food containers available are glass or stainless steel, but these seem to be impractical for a 5 year old. Real Green Goods, my local green store and also on the web, carries the laptop lunch not only because of these facts, but also, as others have mentioned here, because the company is socially responsible. The two mothers who developed this product had the full intention to create the healthiest and safest lunch box for their own children. Rather than a large, multi-national, corporation who are focused on profits, these ladies are focused on the health of our children. This is just as important to me as is the product safety standards, if not more. I would highly recommend a laptop lunch box for anyone concerned about they safety of plastics. This is the safest on the market!

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