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Pyrex - a Safe Choice for Packing a Kid's Lunchbox

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Pyrex - a Safe Choice for Packing a Kid's Lunchbox
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The Bottom Line

A kid's lunchbox must be safe above all. Worried about plastic leaching dangerous chemicals into food, I trashed the old plastic containers I was using as a kid's lunchbox. Instead, I packed lunch in the smallest glass storage containers Pyrex makes.

It worked remarkably well -- no leaks, and microwave safe. The containers might be heavy for a kindergartener to lug on the bus, but they're perfect for older kids, dropping off curbside or taking into the classroom yourself. The glass is sturdy and dishwasher safe. The Pyrex storage containers certainly fit the bill for a safe kid's lunchbox.


  • Glass material addresses concern about plastic leaching chemicals into food
  • Snug-fitting plastic top prevents leaks
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Easy to find in stores and online


  • A bit heavy for a small child walking or taking the bus to school
  • Round design makes it hard to subdivide the containers to separate food
  • If you pack two containers, you need to cushion them to avoid unpleasant clinking
  • Boring from a kid's perspective


  • Pyrex storage containers are made of glass with a plastic lid
  • The smallest, round containers work well for a kid's lunchbox
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe, with lids in the top dishwasher rack
  • Heavier than all-plastic lunchboxes
  • Thick glass assuages fears of accidental breakage
  • May clink together unpleasantly if two containers are packed loosely together

Guide Review - Pyrex - a Safe Choice for Packing a Kid's Lunchbox

When I was looking for the perfect kid's lunchbox that doesn't contain harmful chemicals, another mom recommended Pyrex's glass storage containers. You avoid the concern about plastics because the body of the container is glass, and the top is BPA free. Plus, the top won't touch the food unless you shake it up.

I decided to try the round containers because they were the smallest. They're very cute and easy to use. The 2 cup and 1 cup sizes worked well for leftover pasta and a side dish of apple slices. It was so nice not to worry whether my daughter's teachers were microwaving lunch in some sketchy plastic container I sent.

I will say that the kid factor is zero. My daughter was no more interested in the Pyrex containers than the plastic Chinese takeout containers I had previously been using as a kid's lunchbox.

But this mom loved the ease of use and the fact that they're microwave and dishwasher safe -- although the plastic lids should go in the top rack.

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