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Working moms rely on a network of family relationships to keep our lives moving smoothly. We need to nurture our friendships, children, spouses or partners, and other family relationships. And sometimes firmly but lovingly enforce boundaries in family relationships.
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Mothers sex life
Share your advice for mothers to perk up their sex lives. Or just commiserate about your missing libido! And read stories about other moms' love lives.

5 Ways to Make Time for Mom's Sex Life
Moms' sex life may seem like an oxymoron - who has time for romance and intimacy amid dirty diapers, school homework and kids' activities? But a fulfilling sex life is an important ways to rejuvenate enough to make it through the daily grind. It's also the glue that will keep your marriage together.

5 Ideas for a Cheap Date That's Fun
Once you're a parent, a cheap date is no longer a bad thing. After all, it's the family money you're spending when you shell out for a babysitter, drinks, dinner and a movie. So for all the moms and dads out there, here are 5 cheap date ideas that you're guaranteed to enjoy. The money you save on your cheap date can go straight to the college fun!

5 Ways to Improve Your Marriage
You may not be able to recapture those blissful newlywed days, but you can certainly find ways to improve your marriage while also raising children and managing your career. Here are 5 ideas for improving your marriage.

Advice for Saving Your Marriage
Are you thinking, "Save my marriage today!" Or maybe you just have lost that newlywed glow in the face of raising kids, running a household and juggling work responsibilities. The way to fix a marriage is pretty simple in theory, according to researchers and family and marriage counselors.

How Working Moms Can Have a Happy Marriage
After working all day, feeding the family and putting the kids to bed, the last thing on your mind is building a happy marriage. But a happy marriage is the foundation for your family's well-being. If you take a few minutes every day to focus on keeping your marriage happy, everyone will be better off -- including you. Here are six tips for a happy marriage.

8 Ways Working Moms Can Ease Child Separation Anxiety
Separation anxiety can hit at any stage of development. Maybe your 8-month old baby suddenly wails when you leave for work, or your 2-year old child sobs during daycare drop off. Separation anxiety is emotionally draining for your child and you. If you develop comforting rituals and act confident, you can ease the pain of separation anxiety....

Fun Facts and History of Grandparents Day
When is Grandparents Day? Who started it? How many grandparents are there, anyway? These question and more answered in our list of fun facts on Grandparents Day.

About Family Holidays Survival Guide

For a family, holidays can be a delightful blend of old and new traditions, or a crazy-making brew of overscheduling and personality conflict. Here's a comprehensive survival guide to make your family holidays blissful and fun, from the guides at About.com Family and Parenting.

8 Ideas For Finding Time For Your Spouse
As working mothers, we are constantly balancing our job and family responsibilities. Sometimes, the relationship with our husband or partner can suffer while trying to juggle the kids and our career. If you're having a hard time finding time for your spouse, try doing the following so he doesn't feel neglected. Don't think that finding time for...

End Sibling Battles Over Elder Care
As your parents age, the issue of elder care gradually becomes more important -- and potentially divisive. Initially, you and your siblings may easily share elder care such as errands and help with financial paper work and decisions. But as your aging parents' needs become more burdensome, your elder care resources may quickly grow stretched...

What Is Active Listening
Active listening is a communication technique that involves attentively listening to the speaker, rephrasing what you hear to be sure you got it right and then listening again for agreement or clarification. Sometimes people who aren't trained in active listening techniques think that it merely means parroting what the other person said. It's more complex that that.

Design the Best Kids Routines for Working Moms' Families
When I first became a new working mom, I couldn't wait for my daughter to get on a routine. It seemed that if only I could know when she would feed, sleep and need a diaper change, my life would feel more in control. Eventually, she started sleeping through the night. And then stopped when she started to teethe. And then around age two, I realized we had somehow created a whole slew of kids routines to get through the morning, day and evening.

What Is Elder Care?
You may have heard of elder care and wondered what the term means. What is elder care? The simple answer to what is elder care may hide the many facets of this stage of life.

Solving the Elder Care Puzzle
Elder care presents yet another work-life balance challenge for working moms. The majority of individuals who are responsible for elder care are married, working women. So elder care should be considered when you're planning your work schedule, and in discussions with other family members.

Mother's Day Stories
I'll bet you remember your first Mother's Day. Perhaps you received a sweet card with your baby's handprint for Mother's Day. What have your other Mother's Day memories held since then? Or share a story of Mother's Day from your childhood -- perhaps one you'd like to recreate as an adult. See submissions See submissions See submissions

Resources to Strengthen Your Marriage
All marriages have good times and some bad times. Don't let small issues develop into large ones. Here is help in working through your marriage problems.

Poll: Does Work Hurt Your Marriage?
Many married couples are working so many hours, both at home and at work, that they are too tired to not only have sex with one another, they are too tired to even talk with each other.

How to Have a Happy Marriage When You're Busy Parenting
Is your marriage everything you ever hoped? Or has it been pushed down your list of priorities since having children? Parenthood is a full-time job, and it dramatically changes your marriage. But marriage is the foundation upon which your entire family is structured. If your marriage is strong, your whole family will be strong.

When Work Gets in the Way of a Relationship
Supporting your spouse’s career is usually sound advice. But sometimes people are in the wrong job, and their spouse can help them realize that and do something about it. If any of the situations below apply to your spouse, you should discuss the problem thoroughly with your spouse, find out what would make the situation better for him or her, and consider career counseling.

What Makes You a Good Mom?
We all have a list in our head of what makes a good mom. For some parents, it's putting a nutritious family dinner on the table every night. For some, it's being at every ballet recital, robotics competition and soccer game for every child. Everyone's good mom goals aren't compatible with a traditional full-time work schedule or demanding executive career. They key is to figure out the core elements of being a good mom -- according to you.

How to Talk to Kids About Anything
Eventually, there comes a time to talk to our kids about a problem. Maybe it's the incomplete homework or their aggressive behavior on the playground. These are the conversations that kids dread and parents aren't so enthusiastic about either. That doesn't make them any less important to have.

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