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Best Buys in Pocket Camcorders

Digital Video Cameras Light Enough to Carry Every Day


Pocket camcorders were invented with Moms in mind. The best pocket camcorders combine the ease of a point-and-click camera with the crisp quality of video that you want to watch and share with friends.

I prefer the Flip Mino, but the Flip Ultra is a good choice for moms on a budget, shutterbugs with large fingers and families whose children manhandle anything shiny. RCA's EZ205 pocket digital camcorder delivers poorer quality video than the Flip duo, but allows you to expand the video camera's memory and to record yourself.

1. Flip Mino Camcorder

best pocket camcorder
Photo courtesy of Pure Digital

The sleek design of the Flip Mino captures your heart and its ease of use wins over your head. It gets my best in class prize, hands down.

The Flip Mino camcorder delivers excellent video and is as light and small as an iPod. You can carry it in your hip pocket without bulging -- something I can't say for the other two video cameras on this list.

Built-in software automatically downloads to your computer when you connect the USB arm. It's a breeze to edit, upload and share videos. You can also capture still images from video, which will delight any parent who's missed the perfect shot by a split second.

2. Flip Ultra Camcorder

best pocket camcorder
Photo courtesy of Pure Digital

The Flip Ultra video camera is an earlier generation than the Flip Mino, and it shows. The digital camcorder is bulkier and heavier than its sleeker sibling, but otherwise shares the simple functionality and idiot-proof design.

People with larger hands may prefer the Ultra; I found the Flip buttons almost too tiny to operate. The Ultra may also be better for families with children who are prone to snatching the camcorder -- it won't pick up fingerprints. Last but not least, it's cheaper than the Flip Mino.

3. RCA Pocket Camcorder

Photo courtesy of RCA

The RCA EZ205 pocket camcorder is a good choice for budget-conscious families that aren't as sensitive to video quality. It's simple as could be to operate and use, with a USB arm that plugs into your computer for file transfer and software download.

The RCA camcorder uses a microSD memory card, so you can expand the recording time of the camera. That's not an option with either Flip video camera.

A flip-out screen will delight preschoolers and teens alike by allowing self-recording. I like the overall design of the RCA video camera and the fit in my hand, as well.

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