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Ideas for Surefire Working Mother Gifts

5 Working Mother Gifts That Won't Bust Your Budget


It's not easy to come up with great working mother gifts. Many working moms are too busy or distracted to tell you what baubles they'd like. But these working mother gifts are surefire winners as well as practical. Try them for the working mom you know!

1. Best Buys in Pocket Camcorders

Photo courtesy of Pure Digital

One of the best working mother gifts I received was a pocket camcorder -- seemingly invented with moms in mind. The best digital camcorders combine the ease of a point-and-click camera with the crisp quality of video that you want to watch and share with friends.

These tiny camcorders can live in your purse waiting to capture a cute moment at daycare pickup or the soccer game you made because a meeting was unexpectedly cancelled. See how they compare.

2. Professional-Looking Diaper Bags

Photo courtesy of JP Lizzy

Working mothers are famous for multitasking. So is it any wonder that mothers who are professionals need a diaper bag to carry from the boardroom to the playroom without breaking stride?

These diaper bags have room for the essential baby gear as well as work papers and electronic devices. They're sharp enough to bring to the office without raising eyebrows while also being functional.

3. Help With Child Care

E. Dygas/Getty Images

Possibly the best gift is a night out with your spouse or your girlfriends. And for that, you need child care. If you're close enough to a working mom to watch her children, offer a few hours' freedom. (Just avoid the pitfalls of grandparent babysitting.) Or, you could always suggest ways to save on child care, such as starting a babysitting coop.

4. Day Spa Visit

Now that the working mom in your life has child care lined up, give her a day at a spa -- or even a few hours -- to forget her stress for a short while. Time to yourself is one of the most sought after treats for a working mother, and one of the hardest to come by. Just make sure it doesn't expire any time soon in case she doesn't book her spa day right away.

5. A Working Mom-Friendly Children's Book

Image courtesy of HarperCollins

When working moms get a chance to read to their children, the last thing they want to share is a picture book with a beaming stay-at-home mom and her brood. Instead, give a children's book that takes for granted that mothers work outside the home and that fathers (or grandparents or babysitters) will play an important role in a child's life.

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