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How to Write a Return to Work Letter


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Whether you chose to take six weeks or two years off from your full-time career, returning to work after having a baby is an adjustment, and can be a very emotional time for mothers. Between breastfeedingand diaper changing, you'll need to write a return to work letter to your company's human resources director or supervisor stating your interest in resuming the job you left to have a baby.

If you're returning to the same job you left before maternity leave, you need to state your intent to resume your position with the company. If you desire to return early, you'll need to state that as well. And if you want to ask for part-time employment, that needs to be addressed clearly in your return to work letter.

However, before putting pen to paper, it's wise to check your company's policies about the need for written permission from your physician to return to your job. In addition, if you have any medical restrictions due to a complicated pregnancy, clearly state these concerns in the return to work letter, and attach a note from your doctor. If you wrote a maternity leave letter, you may want to enclose a copy or mention this letter in your return to work letter to remind your employer of exactly when your maternity leavebegan and was scheduled to end.

As with all written correspondence, it's wise to make your letter short and to the point. Below is a sample letter for reference. Replace the words in brackets with details appropriate for your situation.

[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[Your Phone]

[Your E-mail Address]

[Today's date]

[Human Resource Director's Name]

[Human Resource Director's Title]

[Company Name]

[Company Address]

Dear [Human Resource Director's Name]:

Please let this letter serve as notification that I will be returning to my job as a [site specific position, e.g. attorney with the firm of XXX] on [specific date]. As you know from my maternity leave letter, I began my leave on [specific date.]

I plan to provide the high level of performance I always have in my role as an [job title] at [company name].

Enclosed are release papers from my physician stating my ability to resume my job position. Please contact me at the above telephone number or e-mail address with any concerns.

Thank You.


[Your name]

cc: [Your Supervisor]

[Supervisor's Title]

If you are seeking a schedule change, use this return to work letter.

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