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Organize Just About Anything With 3M Command Hooks

10 Creative Ways to Use These Self-Adhesive Hooks


Looking for a quick and easy way to organize just about anything? Use 3M Command Hooks, one of my favorite organizational tools.

  • They're easy to install;
  • They don't damage walls or other surfaces; and
  • They're easy to remove.

Here are my top 10 organizational uses for 3M Command Hooks.

1. Inside Your Closet

3M Command Hooks
Photo Credit: Sue Kay

Hang 3M Command Hooks inside your closet and use them:

  • For your robe and pajamas - place the hook on the inside of your closet door or on the wall just inside your closet for an easily accessible spot for your robe and pajamas.  
  • For your after-work clothes - many times the clothes you change into once you get home can be worn more than once. Hang them inside your closet on one of these hooks instead of tossing them on a chair or leaving them on the floor.
  • For tomorrow's outfit - to save time in the morning, decide what you're going to wear the night before. Hang tomorrow's outfit on a designated hook just inside your closet.

2. To Organize Your Necklaces

Organize your necklaces.
Photo Credit: Sue Kay

Long necklaces layered together are the trend these days. How do you store them so they don't get tangled? Attach 3M Command Hooks to the inside of your closet door. Stagger their placement and use them as a neat and organized storage solution for your necklaces.

You can use them for belts and scarves as well.

3. In the Utility Room

Hang 3M Command Hooks on the walls of your utility room and use them for:

  • Brooms
  • Mops
  • Dustpans
  • Swiffer Dusters

Hanging these cleaning tools on the hooks will keep your utility room organized and free of clutter.

4. To Hold Your Dry Cleaning Bag

Hang your dry cleaning bag.
Photo Credit: Sue Kay

Many dry cleaners provide a large pull-string nylon bag for you to use to store and transport items to be cleaned. Hang it up in your closet or laundry room. As you take clothes off that need to go to the cleaners, place them in the bag. When it's time to make a trip to the cleaners, simply grab the bag and go.

5. To Organize Your Keys

Photo Credit: Sue Kay

Do you waste time every morning searching for your keys? Do you have keys you only use occasionally but can never seem to find when you need them?

Hang 3M Command Hooks:

  • Inside your back door;
  • In your garage; or
  • On the inside door of a kitchen cabinet.

Get in the habit of hanging your keys on the hook each time you come home, and you'll always know where they are. These hooks are also a great solution for keeping extra keys, storage shed keys or lawnmower keys organized.

6. In the Bathroom

Bathroom clutter.
Photo Credit: Jetta Productions/Getty

Is your bathroom counter cluttered with hair dryers, curling irons or flat irons? Use 3M Command Hooks to organize these items. Hang them on the wall beside your sink or in the cabinet under your sink.

7. To Organize Your Lanyards, Badges and Card Keys

Many of us are required to wear lanyards with security badges or card keys to work each day. Or perhaps you have a card key that gives you access to your neighborhood pool or to the tennis courts? Do you belong to a professional organization that requires an identification badge?

Hang them up in your home office, closet or kitchen using the 3M Command Hooks. You'll always know where to find them when you need them.

8. To Organize and Store Your Extra Purses

Photo Credit: Chaloner Woods/Getty

We all have more than one purse.

  • Purses for different seasons;
  • Purses in different colors; and
  • Purses for different occasions.

The overwhelming majority of our purses have handles or straps. What's the easiest way to store them and keep them organized? Hang them up. Use 3M Command Hooks in your closet or on the wall in a spare room.

9. To Organize Baseball Caps

If you have a son, you probably also have your fair share of baseball caps. At last count, my son had 47. At any given moment, you can find one or more of them on the kitchen table, on his bed, under his bed or all over just about any surface in his room.

Attach 3M Command Hooks to the back of your son's door for an easy storage solution. You might still find hats all over your house, but, now you know where to put them when you do.

10. For the Dog's Leash

Dog Leash
Photo Credit: Ciaran Griffin/Getty

Where do you put the dog's leash when you return from a walk? On the kitchen countertop or table? On a shelf in the laundry room? On the floor just inside the back door? Does everyone who walks the dog put the leash back in the same spot or do you have to search for it every time it's your turn?

Hang a 3M Command Hook inside the back door, in the garage or in the laundry room - the closest spot to where you re-enter the house after a walk. Use the hook for the leash.

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