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Today's working moms come in all stripes. We may have part-time work, a full-time job, or a career that demands more than 40 hours a week. We may have babies at home or teenagers. What we share is our love for our children and the desire to excel at work and at home. You'll find support for working moms here.

The Secret to Work-Life Balance
The secret to work-life balance will differ depending on your field of work, family structure and finances. But some work-life balance principles are universal: saying no, prioritizing, banishing guilt . Understanding these work-life truths will help you find your own work-life balance -- and then keep it. Let's get started!

5 Comments to Avoid Saying to a Working Mom
When you're a working mom, some comments just rub you the wrong way. The speaker may mean no harm in his comments to a working mom, but the underlying assumptions may still be offensive. People should steer clear of comments to a working mom about her child care, financial situation or values. Here are the top 5 working mom comments to avoid.

Dealing With Guilt - Whether You Love or Hate Your Job
If you wish you could be a better mom, you're not alone. Here are some strategies for shedding guilt and boosting your enjoyment of work and your family.

Essentials for Moms Returning to Work
Returning to work after maternity leave raises a million questions. Where will you find high-quality child care? How will you ever say goodbye without crying? What will help you adjust to the new schedule, at work and at home? There are many issues to consider, but if you take your decisions one by one, you can get through it. Here is a road map...

What Are the Mommy Wars?
What are the mommy wars? The term became popular in the early 2000's, culminating in the publication of several major articles and books with "Mommy Wars" in the title. It refers to disputes between working moms and stay-at-home moms over one group's decision to continue to pursue a career and the other group's decision to quit work and focus...

The 10 Commandments for Working Motherhood
Motherhood is hard enough before you throw in work. Once you're juggling a job, parenting, self-care and adult relationships, you start praying for guidance about how to handle working motherhood. Until Moses returns with a couple of stone tablets addressing motherhood, here's my take on the 10 commandments for working motherhood.

How to Succeed at Breastfeeding When Working: Pumping Secrets and More
Working is possibly the biggest obstacle to a long-term breastfeeding relationship between a new mom and her baby. But you can succeed, with these pumping secrets, milk storage tips, and more. While not every mom nurses, many aim to breastfeed up to the one year recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. For working moms, that means...

8 Common Pitfalls of New Working Moms -- and How to Avoid Them
Returning to work is a tough transition for any working mom. Maybe you dread it, maybe you can’t wait, but it’s sure to surprise you. Indeed, new working mothers must brave eight common pitfalls to ensure a smooth move back to the work place.

The Working Mom's Dictionary
When you become a working mom, you enter a new world with all kinds of fun new terms: daycare, nanny, Family and Medical Leave Act, and the like. But the most important words to understand are those that bear on your work-life balance, career prospects and family harmony. Read on to understand the modern working mom's dictionary

5 Healthy Living Tips for Working Moms
Healthy living tips always seem so difficult. Check out this plan for healthy living -- it's guaranteed to make you smile, even if you don't follow every piece of advice. (Who knew that healthy living could include a glass of wine?)

Must-Read Guide to Maternity Leave
Planning your maternity leave is not an easy task, so take your time. This guide will make sure you consider the most important issues and ask the right questions about maternity leave.

Mistakes in Dr. Laura's Book In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms
Dr. Laura Schlessinger is a smart, articulate, persuasive woman. But sometimes she's just plain wrong. The mistakes in Dr. Laura's In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms could cause heartache for many working moms if left unaddressed. This article enumerates Dr. Laura's mistakes and challenges the idea that working moms aren't full-time mothers. Read on...

6 Reasons Working Mothers Say Thanks
Working mothers say thanks to their kids' teachers, the neighbors, the babysitter and more. But sometimes working mothers say thanks to be fortunate enough to work outside the home while also raising children. Here are just a few reasons working mothers say thanks for their dual roles.

You Know You're a Working Mom When ...
Read and contribute to working mom humor on the About.com Working Moms site.

How Do I Get Baby to Sleep Through the Night?
How do you get your baby to sleep through the night? It's one of the first, most urgent questions every new parent asks. The main thing that gets a baby to sleep through the night is nature. However, there are a few things you can do to improve the chances of baby sleeping longer -- if not entirely through the night.

Working Moms Guilt - What Triggers Working Moms Guilt
What triggers your working moms guilt? Innocent or malicious comments about the harm working moms do to their kids? Or tears on your child's face when you leave for work? Working mothers share their worst moments of mommy guilt.

What is a Lactation Room?
A lactation room in its simplest form is a private space where a nursing mother can express breast milk for her baby. In some companies, new moms use their private offices as lactating rooms, and either lock their doors or put up privacy signs so nobody walks into the room while the woman's breasts are exposed. In others, the employer creates a separate space where new moms can pump breast milk in private.

How to Set Up a Lactation Room
Under the U.S. lactation room law, employers must provide a private space for nursing mothers to express breast milk for their babies. The lactation room design should include a comfortable chair and a flat surface for a breast pump to rest. Most importantly, lactation rooms in the workplace must be private and must protect the breastfeeding mom from being seen by co-workers or the general public while pumping breast milk. Smaller companies, those with fewer than 50 employees, may obtain an exemption from creating a corporate lactation program by demonstrating it would create an undue hardship. If you are setting up a nursing room at work, you should consider including the following features.

Twitter Account Names for About.com Parenting Guides
Create a Twitter account in order to easily keep up with news and information that's important to your life and your family. Browse this list of Twitter account names for the About.com Parenting Guides to get you started on Twitter. You can also find the Twitter account names for About.com Guides writing about other topics.

4 Ways to Save Facebook Time
Save Facebook time with these four suggestions. Save Facebook time by defining your goals, setting limits, changing your notifications settings and avoiding third-party applications. Increase your productivity by reducing your Facebook time.

Working Moms Sites of the Week for 2010
Every Friday in 2010, the Working Moms blog features a Web site of interest to working mothers, on working mother topics from work-life balance to child care to family-friendly government policies. The sites for working mothers are listed by date for 2010.

Working Mother Pet Peeve Comments - Working Mothers Share Comments Th…
Every working mother has heard a comment that raises her hackles. Most of us can remember a working mother comment that made us see red. Read on to learn the comments that working mothers most hate to hear. Then, please share your own pet peeve comment.

More Commandments for Working Moms -- Share the Commandments That Gui…
How many times have you wished a higher power would just tell you how to juggle work and a family? We all develop our own commandments for life as a working mom. Here's your chance to share the principles that guide you as a working mom -- and maybe provide guidance to a working mom like you.

Working Mothers Site of the Week
Every Friday, the Working Moms blog features a Web site that working mothers will find interesting, on topics from work-life balance to child care to family-friendly government policies. This is the second half of an alphabetical listing of top working mothers sites on the Internet, from N to Z.

Do You Hate Pumping Breast Milk? -- Working Moms Share Their Love or …
Do you hate pumping breast milk? You're not alone. But pumping breast milk can win a new mom welcome freedom from nursing a hungry newborn. Share your stories of hating, loving or managing pumping breast milk here!

You know you're a working mom when ...
Working mothers share common experiences by finishing the sentence "You know you're a working mom when ..."

Working Moms Sites of the Week for 2009
Every Friday, the Working Moms blog features a Web site of interest to working mothers, on working mother topics from work-life balance to child care to family-friendly government policies. The sites for working mothers are listed by date.

Working Moms Site of the Week
Every Friday, the Working Moms blog features a Web site of interest to working moms, on topics from work-life balance to child care to family-friendly government policies. This is a listing of sites according to the date they were featured in the blog.

Working Moms Site of the Week
Every Friday, the About Working Moms blog features a Web site of interest to working moms, on topics from work-life balance to child care to family-friendly government policies. This is an alphabetical listing of sites.

Questions Stay-at-Home Parents Should Answer Before Returning to Work
After taking time off from your career to be a stay-at-home parent you are now returning to work. Your children will be in school all day, or you've line up child care. Of course, children get sick, there are vacations, and holidays. Ask yourself the following questions to find out what advance planning you will have to do before returning to work.

What Is Paid Family Leave?
The term paid family leave refers to time away from work to care for a new addition to the family. That can refer to maternity leave taken by a new mother who's just given birth or time taken by either mother or father to bond with a new child through adoption or fostering. An increasing number of employers offer paid time off for some or all of these situations.

3 Traps Working Moms Should Avoid
For most women who give birth to children and a business, there is no such thing as achieving balance in the traditional sense. In fact, “balancing act” is a better term to describe the life of most mompreneurs. Balance between family and work can be tough for any working mom to achieve, but common mistakes that interfere with finding a healthy balance can be easily avoided.

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