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Profile of Character Joan Burton of Army Wives on Lifetime


Army Wives' Joan Burton

Army Wives' Joan Burton

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Army Wives' Joan Burton: a Military Working Mom:

The Lifetime drama Army Wives portrays Joan Burton, a working mom balancing a military career with her marriage and newborn baby.

Army Wives' Joan Burton is a lieutenant colonel in the Army who struggles with redeploying to Iraq and separating from her infant and husband. Joan's husband Roland gave up his career as a psychiatrist to be a stay-at-home dad, though he sees some patients at a clinic that has on-site child care.

On Army Wives, Joan Burton despairs at the prospect of missing her daughter's first words and other milestones. Still, she turns down a job opportunity that would have kept her with her family, because she feels a responsibility to lead the soldiers under her command in combat.

According to the Lifetime Web site, Army Wives' Joan Burton overcame a troubled childhood on Chicago's South Side to become a Citadel cadet. She defied expectations and became Fort Marshall's first African American female lieutenant colonel, commanding more than 400 men. She has deployed worldwide, including a difficult tour of duty in Afghanistan that caused her post-traumatic stress disorder a few years ago.

Source: myLifetime.com

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