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Top Working Mom Blog Posts of 2009


The top working mom blog posts of 2009 revolved around famous working moms and the health and well-being of our children. The working mom blog posts that sparked the most comments were about Jon and Kate (Gosselin, that is), Sarah Palin and Dr. Laura Schlessinger's book about stay-at-home moms. And then the feds got concerned about lead in children's clothes and toys sold at thrift stores.

1. The Jon and Kate Divorce Question

Photo copyright TLC
Is Kate Gosselin a working mom? Does her career contribute to the controversy around the Jon and Kate divorce? These questions and more heated up my 2009 blog posts about Jon & Kate Plus 8, the now-cancelled TLC reality television show about multiples and their troubled parents.

2. In Praise of Dr. Laura, Kind of

Photo courtesy of Harper Collins
I seem to be alone in my ambivalent feelings about Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Just the mention of her name sparks an avalanche of vehement and admiring comments. So naturally, my take on Dr. Laura's book on stay-at-home moms drew quite a lot of flak.

3. Uproar Over Lead in Used Clothes and Toys

Photo credit: Inti St. Clair/Getty Images
One of the hottest topics of 2009 in the parenting community was a federal effort to curtail sales of used clothes and toys. Moms came down on both sides of the issue -- in favor of greater protection for our children, and horrified at the threat to handmade crafts and thrift shops for baby clothes.

4. Sarah Palin Stirs Up Controversy

Sarah Palin
Photo credit: William Thomas Cain/Getty Images
Sarah Palin. You hate her or you love her. Either way, when I write about her you are bound to comment on my blog. Whether it's an expose in Vanity Fair or her much-hyped appearance on Oprah, Sarah Palin raises all our temperatures.

5. Working Moms Against Guilt

Working motherhood means juggling the job and family
Photo credit: Photodisc/Getty Images
Discussions among working moms invariably lead to the question of guilt. I wish it weren't so, but we seem fated to question our decision to work, our choice of caregivers and other weighty issues. To me, guilt is a waste of energy that could be better spent bonding with family. Are you ready to join my campaign against guilt?

6. What If Sonia Sotomayor Were a Mother

Sonia Sotomayor
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Another hotly debated question this year was the so-called maternal wall -- the penalty mothers face in the workforce simply for reproducing. I drew some criticism for asking whether Sonia Soyomayor would've become a Supreme Court justice if she were a mom. But until just as many fathers as mothers reach the highest ranks of all professions, I'll keep pointing out the disparity.

7. Will Working Moms Suffer for Using Flex Work?

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With the economy in recession, working parents suddenly started asking ourselves if we were a target for layoffs because we asked for flexible hours at work. On the other hand, some companies became more open to part-time schedules as a means of saving money. Where do you fall on the issue?

8. 5 Ways to Annoy a Working Mom

And unfortunately, the Mommy Wars erupted when I wrote about the most annoying comments working moms hear. Truly, I wasn't trying to call out stay-at-home-moms, I was hoping to bridge the divide by giving some guidance on what not to say to a working mother. You be the judge of how well I succeeded.

9. Journalist Euna Lee Released by North Korea

Euna Lee and daughter Hana
Photo courtesy LauraandEuna.com
I was riveted by the story of journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee being jailed by North Korea for crossing over the border from China. It was so disappointing to hear criticism of Lee for accepting a risky assignment with a young child and home. And such a relief when the pair were finally released.

10. Sally Foster, My Nemesis

I didn't expect the outpouring of support I received when I confessed my hate-hate relationship with the annual Sally Foster fundraising drive. Apparently, I'm not the only mom who's ended up with drawers full of overpriced wrapping paper and chocolates as I attempt to support my children's schools. But I finally found a solution!
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