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Dads Feel Work-Life Conflict Too, Survey Shows


Dads work life conflict

Dads' Work-Life Conflict Grows:

Dads' work-life conflict is growing, according to a survey that CareerBuilder released in June 2010. When the economy gets tough, dads experience more work-life conflict because of increased demands by their employer.

Sixty-three percent of working dads put in more than 40 hours per week. And of those who take work home with them, 31 percent do so five days a week or more and 30 percent on the weekends, according to the poll of 800 full-time working dads with children 18 and under at home. Clearly, as modern life blurs traditional gender roles, work-life conflict isn't just for moms anymore.

More Fathers Are Sole Providers:

Some dads are feeling work-life conflict because they are carrying a heavier load of providing for the family. One in ten of the working fathers surveyed told pollsters their wife or significant other lost a job in the previous year, with half saying it caused the family stress.

Forty-two percent are the sole breadwinner in the family and 9 percent took on a second job in the last 12 months, according to CareerBuilder.

Dads Spending Less Time With Kids?:

These long work hours are cutting back on the time fathers can spend with family. Thirty-seven percent spend two hours or less with children each work day and 35 percent missed two or more important child events in the last year because of work.

"Especially in tough times, working dads have to be more creative and strategic to successfully juggle both work and family commitments," said Jason Ferrara, a vice president at CareerBuilder and father of two. "Year over year, we find that nearly half of working dads do not take advantage of the flexible work arrangements offered to them."

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