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How to Create a Flexible Work Schedule


You know you need flexible work to balance your career and children. But what flexible work means in practice depends on your family, stage of parenting and job situation. You may not have to propose a formal work schedule change if you're blessed with an understanding boss. Whether you’re interested in part-time work from home or a high-powered career in corporate America, here's help getting the flexible work schedule you need.
  1. Flexible Work Options
  2. Parenting on the Job
  3. Taking a Career Break
  4. Flexible Work Resources and Templates

Flexible Work Options

The first step in creating the right work schedule for you is to understand the range of flexible work options out there. Once you've learned about other people's experiences with different flexible work options, you'll be in a better position to pick the best one for you.

Parenting on the Job

When you're a working mom, you're a full-time mother no matter where your children are. That inevitably means parenting from the office. With some planning and flexibility, you can combine mothering and work successfully.

Taking a Career Break

Every working mom that I know has considered quitting her job, whether for good or just as a career break. Before taking any drastic steps, make sure you've thought through a return strategy. When your children are older, you may actually miss the workplace.

Flexible Work Resources and Templates

You don't need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to flexible work. Check out these sample flexible work proposals and see if you can modify one to fit your needs. Please feel free to contribute a proposal you've used successfully -- it may help another working mom!

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