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Ways to Find Part-Time Jobs

Part-Time Jobs Available for Working Moms


Whether you're a working mom looking to cut back, or a stay-at-home mom ready to rejoin the workforce, you're probably looking at part-time jobs. 80 percent of working moms with minor children would rather not work full time, according to a Pew Research Center survey.

But part-time jobs that pay well are scarce. And many of the work-from-home offers turn out to be scams. Fortunately, several Web sites have sprung up to match professionals – mostly working moms – with project-based or part-time jobs. Whether you want to work from home or get back into an office, start here. One tip: try a company in your region first.

1. Mom Corps

For part-time jobs, try Mom Corps

One source of part-time jobs is Atlanta-based Mom Corps, which offers free registration for individuals, although you can pay for prominent display of your resume.

Once registered, you can search Mom Corps' board of flexible and part-time jobs, apply for positions and receive weekly notifications of new job listings.

2. Flexforce Professionals

Flexforce Professionals photo
Logo courtesy of Flexforce Professionals

One way to find part-time jobs in the Washington D.C. area is through Flexforce Professionals, a staffing firm that focuses on highly experienced professionals in law, human resources, finance and other business areas. The company places people with companies for a special project, to cover a leave of absence, maternity leave or simply to staff up on a temporary basis.

You register through the Web site and upload your resume. When Flexforce receives a job requisition from a client, the firm identifies potential candidates from the database who fit the skills and flexibility requirements of the position. You'll then go through the screening process, including an in-person interview, reference and background checks.

3. On-Ramps

On-Ramps is a New York-based recruiting and consulting firm that places individuals in part-time, project-based, and full-time assignments. You register via the On-Ramps Web site, giving personal information, employment and educational history, and your resume.

4. Flexible Resources

For 20 years, Stamford, Conn.- based Flexible Resources has recruited and placed job candidates in part-time, project-based or flexible assignments. You can send a resume to the office nearest you and view a sample of job postings on the Web site.

5. Flexible Executives

Flexible Executives, based in Atlanta, matches work-at-home projects with executives who have 10 years experience or more. Flexible Executives charges a hefty, one-time application fee to cover a background check and resume verification.

6. FlexWork Connection

FlexWork Connection is a recruiting and consulting firm that places professionals with 10 or more years of experience. The company specializes in project-based or flexible positions in Southern California. You can register and maintain your profile through the Web site.

7. The Career Partners

Based in El Segundo, Calif., the Career Partners recruits and matches job-share teams to fill professional positions that pay over $100,000 a year, usually in the senior leadership of a company. You can apply for a job-share position through the Career Partners or propose converting your existing job to a share. You can also browse job share opportunities at the Web site. If you’re placed, you pay part of your salary for ongoing coaching services aimed at ensuring the arrangement succeeds.

8. NeedleStack Jobs

NeedleStack Jobs is a national job board specializing in professional, flexible jobs. You can upload your resume for free or simply search available positions. The Dublin, Ohio-based company lists full-time and part-time jobs with flexible schedules in engineering, information technology, accounting, law, sales, marketing, non-profit, government, and more.

9. Monster and Other Job Boards

When looking for part-time jobs, make sure to search Monster, CareerBuilder and other job boards for flexible work. Or, find a position that you like and ask whether it could work as a part-time job of a job share. (It's best to ask once you've made it pretty far in the interview process. Or even received an offer.)

10. Your Current Employer

I'd be remiss not to suggest the first place you should look for part-time work: your current employer. If you can negotiate flexible hours at your existing job, you may be able to retain your seniority, some benefits, and job continuity. Most importantly, you won't have to prove yourself and learn a new position at the same time you're making the transition to part-time work.

Starting at a new company is stressful and demanding, so it's best to avoid it, if possible. Even if your employer has never offered part-time jobs before, it doesn't hurt to ask. You might get what you want and pave the way for other working parents in the organization to win flexible work.

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