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Working moms negotiate office politics while keeping tabs on pediatrician appointments and soccer games. You can climb the ladder and still be a good mother, with some strategic thinking, relationship building and awareness of your boss, co-workers and workplace culture.
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What Are the Best Jobs for Moms?
The best jobs for moms are flexible, high-paying and enjoyable. Sounds like a fantasy, right? Not if you are strategic about your career. With some planning and research, you too can land one of the best jobs for moms. First, you need to think through what exactly goes into the best jobs for moms.

5 Mistakes to Avoid After Being Laid Off
Laid off? Maybe you were the only person cut or maybe you were laid off with an entire department. Many of the feelings caused by being laid off are the same regardless of your circumstances. But it's important to take your next steps based on rational thought, not emotions. To start, avoid making these 5 mistakes after being laid off.

The Mommy Track: Will It Lead You to Paradise, or Career Limbo?
Mommy track. You’ve surely heard the phrase. Maybe it sounds like a welcome respite, after grueling years of long hours and travel for your job. Or perhaps you foresee boring projects, no respect in the office, and the end of professional advancement. Can you achieve a healthy work-life balance, or will you be sidelined professionally after your...

When Working Moms Ask, "Should I Quit My Job?"
Should I quit my job? Its a question that occurs to many working moms, either when theyre pregnant, have a newborn, add a second child to the family, or when the press of school activities begins to feel overwhelming. Consider these factors before you decide "Im going to quit my job!"

Avoid the Four Traps for Working Women
Leading work-life researcher Joan C. Williams and her adult daughter Rachel Dempsey have analyzed 35 years of social science research to discern the four patterns of gender bias against career women. They interviewed more than 10 dozen high-ranking executive women to confirm the existence of these four traps for working women and present a plethora of solutions and ideas for sidestepping the traps in their book What Works for Women at Work.

Resume Writing Tips for Moms
When you sit down to write your resume, you often start with an old version that doesn't reflect your current professional reality. If you're a mother returning to the workforce after some time, you may panic at the huge gap since your last job. Or perhaps you've been at the same employer a while and need to pull together all your...

5 Simple Steps to Use LinkedIn for Networking
Using LinkedIn for networking can seem daunting. It shouldn't. Getting started using LinkedIn is as easy as picking a password. You'll truly see its power once you build your list of connections. But using LinkedIn effectively requires you to observe some basic courtesies such as not spamming strangers and doing your homework before making a career contact. If you approach it right, you can use LinkedIn to network your way to a new job - or stay networked during a lull in your career.

Email Management
Email Management

What Are the Disadvantages of Telecommuting?
What are the disadvantages of telecommuting? Working moms often dream of working from home as the solution to sick kids and horrendous commutes. But telecommuting disadvantages can be pretty severe. The disadvantages of telecommuting include missing out on office networking and casual information sharing.

Interview With Richard N. Bolles, Author of What Color Is Your Parachute?
How better to get job search advice than to interview Richard N. Bolles, author of the job search bible, "What Color Is Your Parachute?" This Richard N. Bolles interview, coming with the publication of an edition on job hunting in touch times, covers staying motivated and how job searching has changed in 40 years. Read the Richard N. Bolles interview.

"What Color Is Your Parachute?" Author Richard N. Bolles Spots Job Hunt Mistakes
Who better to spot job hunt mistakes than Richard N. Bolles, author of "What Color Is Your Parachute?" In an exclusive interview, Bolles pinpoints the biggest job hunt mistakes and discusses work-life balance for parents. Among the worst job hunt mistakes, he says, is giving up too soon.

CV vs. Resume -- What's the Difference?
When looking for a job, you may have been asked to submit a resume, or a CV, which stands for curriculum vitae. Sometimes, people think a resume and CV are the same thing: a written summary of your work and academic history and accomplishments. But there are some key differences between a resume versus a CV that are useful to understand.

Are Your Career Goals Hurting Your Family?
As a working mother you simply can't focus on your career goals alone. You also have a household to run and children to care for. However, that doesn't mean you have to stop chasing your career goals. Instead, follow these tips to reach your career goals.

4 Career Lessons From the Olympics
Watching the Olympics is one of my favorite fun family experiences. It's one of the few remaining pure entertainment options celebrating raw talent. And as we admire the prowess of the Olympic athletes, we can also take some lessons from the coaches and trainers who helped groom the most accomplished athletes in the world. The same factors that motivate top-performing athletes have been shown effective in workplaces: autonomy, career development opportunities, team loyalty, recognition and the ability to do what you excel at. That's a true Olympics career lesson

Plan a Successful Take Your Dog to Work Day
On Take Your Dog to Work Day, dog owners show off their beloved pets to colleagues while building morale. You may not know when Take Your Dog to Work Day occurs or how the event first came about, but you can plan a successful experience by following these simple steps.

5 Tips to Organize Your Office
Learn how to organize your office and increase productivity. Refer to this article for 5 tips to organize your office.

Evernote Review
Use the information in this Evernote review to see if Evernote might be the right program for you. Review the pros and cons of Evernote. See how the Evernote system can help you manage projects, meetings, grocery lists, organization, time management and you to-do list.

7 Ways to Spend Your Lunch Break Wisely
Busy working mothers are either at the office working or home taking care of the kids and our household. When can we find time for ourselves? Sometimes we simply have to squeeze an hour of 'me time' into our day. And a good time for this is during our lunch break. The lunch break is one of the few times during the day when we can take a...

7 Ways to Deal with Bad Bosses
We have all dealt with bad bosses at some point in our career. Whether it's the old-fashioned boss who doesn't think telecommuting works, or one who is jealous of your success, there are many types of bad bosses. However, having a bad boss shouldn't affect your job performance. Below are 7 scenarios and solutions to problems that may rise out of...

3 Times to Avoid Using Email
Using email to communicate is quick and efficient, but it's not always the right thing to do. Refer to this article for three times to avoid using email to communicate. Follow these guidelines and avoid using email to resolve an issue, when you are upset, or to communicate bad news.

10 Reasons Working Moms Need to Take Time for Reflection
Working mothers often have a myriad of responsibilities in the workplace to balance with being the CEO of their own household. While we're busy essentially running from one job to the next, there's often little time left for reflection. However, it's important for working mothers to take time out of their busy - and sometimes hectic - schedules to evaluate their performance in the workplace and their role as mother.

How to Organize Your Briefcase
Use this step-by-step solution to organize your briefcase. Learn how to organize your briefcase in one hour. Organize your briefcase and make a great impression with clients and business partners.

Working Mother Best Companies for 2010
The Working Mother Best Companies list helps working moms know which employers include family-friendly benefits in their human resources policies....

Get Organized at Work
Is disorganization sabotaging your career? Refer to these articles and get organized at work. Learn how to organize your office, your briefcase and your day.

Tips for Packing a Suitcase - Eliminate Travel Stress With These Tips for...
Tips for Packing a Suitcase - Eliminate Travel Stress With These Tips for Packing a Suitcase

Fortune Best Companies for 2011
The Fortune 100 Best Companies list helps working parents know which employers pay well, offer fun perks and worker-friendly benefits. Ultimately, your work-life balance depends on your position, work group and boss. Still, the Fortune Best Companies list gives a starting point to find an employer with the right work-life fit for you. For 2011,...

Layoff Tips - How to Thrive After a Layoff
You can thrive after a layoff! Working moms share their best advice for recovering from a layoff. Please add your tips for layoff survival.

Breaking the Glass
We've all heard the phrase glass ceiling, which has a great impact on working moms today. The glass ceiling for women with children denies mothers the ability to land promotions, achieve accolades or earn the pay men and their childless counterparts do. Fortunately, various groups are fighting against the glass ceiling that impacts parents in...

The Best Companies According to Working Mother Magazine
The Working Mother Best Companies help guide working moms who want to know which employers have family-friendly policies on the books. While your individual experience will depend on your job, work group and supervisor, the Working Mother Best Companies list will at least give you a starting point. For 2009, these are the Working Mother Best Companies for working moms, according to policies for flextime, wellness, job-sharing and other work-life balance benefits.

Kick Your Business Networking Up a Notch
Business networking may seem like hard work. It's easy to put off -- but business networking is also vital to your career. Whether you intend to stay with the same employer or want to change jobs, successful business networking is key. Regardless of your industry, the basics of business networking remain the same: make connections, listen well and follow up. This overview of business networking …

Organize Your Paper Files
Are your paper files overstuffed and disorganized? Maybe they're full of papers you never should have filed in the first place. Refer to this article for six questions to ask yourself before you file a paper document.

Stop Procrastinating at Work
Is procrastinating at work damaging your career or possibly putting your job in jeopardy? In today's economy, companies are looking for employees who can stay focused and get more done. Refer to this article for tips to help you stop procrastinating at work.

Co-Worker Gifts For Every Occasion
Some of the hardest gifts for working mothers to purchase are those for coworkers. We don’t want them to be too lavish – or too inexpensive. We don’t want to buy something too personal, and definitely not something impersonal. Gifts for bosses are different than those we’d buy for colleagues at the same level.

How to Get Along With Your Boss
At one point in your career, you will report to a manager, the person you fondly - or not - call boss. The relationships that you create and manage, with your immediate supervisor and others who have leadership responsibility in your company, are critical for your work success and career progress. And whether you like it or not, you're in charge of your relationship with your boss.

How to Keep Personal Issues From Harming Your Job and Career
Personal issues including family problems, life changing situations, emotional difficulties, and illness can impact your job and ultimately your ability to advance your career. Try as you might to keep your private life separate from your work life, inevitably one may run into the other. Learn how to keep personal issues from negatively affecting your job and career.

Why and How to Say No to Your Boss
Your boss just assigned you a new project and you can't imagine how you'll get it done. Can you say no to your boss, though? You can if your reasons are good. Here's how to decide if they are.

What to Consider Before Mixing Graduate School With Raising a Family
This list is for anyone who has considered a Ph.D. while raising a family. Many woman, and men, have received Masters degrees and PhDs, either full-time or part-time, with children of various ages at home. It is certainly possible, with a good support system, ample financing, discipline and a solid plan. Consider these items before filling out that application.

Family Friendly Workplaces for Fathers
Being a committed dad and a great employee sometimes run in conflict. Probably the most common issue I hear from committed dads is the difficulty in balancing the work and home components of their life. That problem can in part be solved by finding employment with an organization that supports a commitment to family -- one that is family friendly.

10 Ways to Find Jobs From Home
Most working mothers dream about being able to work from home, but don't think it's possible, due to lower pay and fewer career options. However, there are many jobs from home that are suitable for working mothers. In fact, finding jobs from home isn't quite as difficult as you may thinkespecially in the digital age.

Improve Your Time Management at Work
Improve your time management at work and have more time at home for family and friends. Refer to these articles for tips and suggestions for improving your time management at work. You'll learn the definition of time management, how to use a time log, how procrastination may be negatively impacting your performance, how to better balance work...

Working Mother Best Companies for 2011
With the Working Mother Best Companies for 2011 list, you can vet potential employers for the family-friendly benefits included in their human resources policies. Ultimately, your experience of work-life balance and flexibility will differ based on your position, work group and supervisor. Still, the Working Mother Best Companies for 2011 list...

What Is Gender Bias?
Gender bias. Gender discrimination. Gender studies. How do you understand these related terms? The answer is straightforward when it comes to gender bias.

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