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Sample Pregnancy Leave Letter, Continued

Fill in the Blanks to Succeed With Your Pregnancy Leave Request


Communications During Pregnancy Leave

Note: feel free to tailor this plan to your own needs. I recommend staying off work email during pregnancy leave if at all possible, since it can easily suck up precious time with your newborn without earning you any pay. If you disagree, revise the letter accordingly.

I anticipate being fully occupied during pregnancy leave with the physical recovery from birth and caring for my newborn baby. However, if you need to reach me for urgent work-related matters, I will be available at (phone number). I do not expect to be able to keep up with business email, so please contact me by phone.

I would like to schedule a meeting a month before my pregnancy leave ends to discuss the transition back to work and get up to speed on projects. I would appreciate being kept in the loop of any major announcements or reorganizations that would affect my job. Please send any written notices to my home address and feel free to call as well.

Note: Choose the return to work proposal or proposals that you prefer. Do not include all three in your letter.

Return to Work - Proposal to Work From Home

I plan to return to full-time work on (date). For the (number) weeks before that date, I would like to work (number) days per week from home. This will allow me to keep (name the work projects) on track and address any questions or issues that arise during my maternity leave.

I (will require/have) the needed computer equipment, phone and Internet connections at home to perform this work.

Return to Work - Proposal to Return Part-Time

I would like to return to work on (date) on a part-time basis. I propose working (number) days each week for (number) weeks and subsequently returning to work full time.

Return to Work - Proposal to Return Full-Time

I plan to return to work on (date) on a full-time basis. I anticipate no problem with resuming my current position and delivering the same high-quality work that I do now.

Again, please consider this return to work proposal the starting point for discussion. If you have concerns about anything I've suggested, please inform me so that I have an opportunity to address them.

Please let me know of any information or forms, such as a doctor's note, that you will require from me before or during my maternity leave. I look forward to working with you to ensure smooth transitions to maternity leave and back to work.

Sincerely yours,

(Your name)

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