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Kick Your Business Networking Up a Notch

Network Like a Rock Star


Business networking may seem like hard work. It's easy to put off -- but business networking is also vital to your career. Whether you intend to stay with the same employer or want to change jobs, successful business networking is key.

Regardless of your industry, the basics of business networking remain the same: make connections, listen well and follow up. This overview of business networking will help you network like a rock star, whether you're a musician or an actuary.

What Is Business Networking?

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Maybe the phrase "business networking" conjures up images of a smarmy salesman shoving business cards into hands at a cocktail party. It shouldn't. Done right, networking is an integral part of your routine professional endeavors.

Make Business Networking a Daily Practice

Building your network should be part of your daily work and career-related endeavors. Don't wait until you're job hunting!

Know the Rules for Business Networking

Avoid becoming that pushy networking cliché. Learn the networking rules to sidestep embarrassing mistakes and maximize the benefits.

Presenting Yourself in Networking

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The first step in networking is presenting yourself in an appealing and professional way. What do image do you project?

Communication and Appearance in Networking

Think about how you dress as well as your nonverbal cues and facial expressions. First impressions count!

Using LinkedIn for Networking

These days, presenting yourself in person is only half the battle. You must also carefully craft a professional picture of yourself online, on networks such as LinkedIn.

How Do You Use a Career Network?

Once you've established a network, how do you make the most of it? It's not as simple as calling a contact to get a job.

Networking As a Career Advancement Tool

Naturally, you'll want to advance your career. Your network can help deepen your knowledge of your industry, recommend you for positions or share information about a prospective employer or client.

Leveraging Your Contacts through Networking

People in your network can also alert you to possible career opportunities, industry trends or developments that may affect your work -- or job security.

Business Networking in Different Industries

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The avenues for networking differ by industry. Make sure you understand the unwritten rules of your field -- and don't miss an invaluable professional association or networking group.

Leverage Networking in a Career Change

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As we all know, networking provides critical help during a job or career change. It's the time when you can call in all the favors you've done for others over the years.

Network Your Way to a New Job

Networking is one of the most important ways to find employment opportunities and build your career.

Your Network Can Help With a Career Change

Networking creates a pool of contacts to provide leads, referrals, ideas and information for your job search and career. You can network without ever attending an event.

Things to Consider Before You Change Jobs

Of course, nobody should launch into a job change without considering the implications.

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