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Get Organized at Work

Is Your Disorganization Sabotaging Your Career?


Whether you're organized or not is a personal choice, right? Not if you want to be successful at the office.

According to a survey conducted by OfficeTeam, a national staffing service, "More than eight in 10 (83 percent) respondents said the appearance of an employee's workspace at least somewhat affects their perception of that person's professionalism."

Use these tips and suggestions to get organized at work and create a professional image.

1. 5 Tips to Organize Your Office

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What does your office say about your work style? When your boss walks into your office, are you sending the message that you're on top of and in control of every situation, or that you're disorganized and scrambling to keep up with your basic day-to-day responsibilities?

The first message can lead to increased job responsibilities and even a promotion. The second one to a dead-end job at best.

Use these tips to organize your office and ensure you're making the right impression.


2. How to Organize Your Briefcase

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If you are out of the office regularly, your briefcase becomes your mobile office. Is it neat and organized or overstuffed and messy? What impression is your briefcase making on potential clients and business partners? Use this step-by-step solution to organize your briefcase and keep it organized.


3. Get Organized for Business Travel

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Whether you travel occassionally for business or it's part of your regular work routine, organization is important. Most travel timelines don't allow for trips to the drug store or department store to shop for all of the items your forgot.

Yet showing up for a client appointment or important meeting in shoes that don't match your outfit or without business cards can get things off to a less than a stellar start. First impressions are often lasting ones.

Use this packing checklist for business travel and always arrive with everything you need.

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4. Get Organized and Get More Done

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An organized office or briefcase isn't a guarantee of success. You also need to organize your day to get the maximum amount accomplished.

One way to do this is to get in to vacation mode. Haven't you ever noticed how much work you get done in the days and weeks leading up to a vacation? Use these same techniques to organize your day and get more done every day of the year.


5. Get Organized with Evernote

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Getting and staying organized at the office is a great but sometimes difficult goal. At times, we simply have too much information to keep up with:

  • To-do lists
  • Meeting notes
  • Client notes
  • Project notes
  • Proposals
  • Spreadsheets
  • Email correspondence

If only there were a way to keep all of this information stored electronically in one easily accessible place? Look no more. Evernote is an online organizational tool worth trying.


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