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5 Signs of the Best Work from Home Job


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Many working mothers loath their long commutes, getting stuck at the office when the work day should be over, and simply being out of the house for eight or more hours a day. For this reason, a work from home jobs is very appealing to mothers.

While some professionals, such as writers, photographers, public relations executives, hair stylists, and certain businesses owners can work from home, many mothers don't know where to start when it comes to looking for the best work from home job.

In many cases, working mothers may have to reinvent themselves to land a work from home job. Working mothers have to figure out the talents they possess that can transcend the workplace, and be utilized at a home-based job.

The best work from home job has flexible hours. When you work from home you want to pick up your kids from school and take them to extracurricular activities. For this reason, your work from home job should have flexible hours. For example, if you run a home-based business, you can invoice at night after the kids go to bed, or if you’re a book author you can write in the early morning hours. This allows you to spend time with your kids during the day.

The best work from home job is cost effective. You don’t want your work from home job operation costs to outweigh your revenue. If you launch a home-based business, your start-up costs may be hefty, so you’ll need to set profit goals. Draw up a business plan that employs strategic planning resources for running a cost-effective work from home job.

The best work from home job has a designated space. When you work from home, you need to be able to "go home." Close your home office door, and shut down the computer at the end of your day. If you work in different areas of the home, your business materials and files will become very unorganized and scattered. Whether it’s in the basement, attic or garage, designate a space for your work from home job.

The best work from home job requires discipline. In order to work from home you certainly can’t be a slacker. In fact, you need to have a disciplined work ethic. Studies have shown that female business owners benefit from flexible work schedules, which often can be achieved when working from home. However, avoid multitasking, such as taking client telephone calls while you’re vacuuming the living room. You also can’t be easily distracted. If you start watching your favorite television soaps each day, your work from home job will suffer in many ways.

The best work from home job has an end to the work day. Work from home jobs often extend into the evening, especially if you “take a break” in the day to spend time with the kids, do homework and make dinner. If you plan to take a break from 5 p.m. to midnight, have 5 p.m. designated as the end of the day. Any time you resume work, consider it a new day or segment of your workday. When you work from home, it’s easy to feel like you’re always working. Take steps to separate your work and home lives.

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