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5 Days at Disney World

Share Your Story: Kids Travel Packing Lists

By JBMomma

My packing list is for travel with ...

We recently took our 6 and 4 year old daughters on a 5 day trip to Disney World. We were staying at the Fort Wilderness Cabins, which have a full kitchen. I also knew we were lying in and using the Magic Express option for our transportation.

How I pack for travel

The two girls shared a suitcase and a backpack for the plane ride. In addition to their clothing for the week and their special princess costumes, we included sunscreen, sun hats, goggles and swimwear, toiletries, and first aid child medicines in their suitcase. In their backpack, they took their Leapsters with headphones, coloring books and crayons, water bottles (empty until we passed through security), one favorite stuffed animal for each girl, and snacks. Since we had a kitchen, I also packed some non-perishable foods in my suitcase for the week.

Lessons Learned

  • Roll clothing to make the most room in packing.
  • If packing snacks, remove it from the original packaging and place in ziplock bags because there is so much excess space in the package.
  • Don't overload children's backpacks so that they can carry it for themselves.
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