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Reader Stories: Real Life at Working Mother Best Companies


Do you worry that an employer's presence on the Working Mother Best Companies list says more about their publicity department than their work-life benefits? If you're considering a job at one of the Working Mother Best Companies, or an employer on another top companies list, check out these stories of what it's really like to work there. If you currently work at one of the Working Mother Best Companies, or have in the past, help other working parents by sharing your experience of how the official policies translate into office life.

State Street: Unusually Flexible Bank

noteworthy because of it's commitment to create greater work/personal life balance for it's employees. I have many friends who work with other banks and they have no flexibility, in fact, they are no…More

Meeting Matrix Lets Employee Care for Aging Mom

a good start. Yes, we deserve to be on this list. We are changing our view of the workplace and aiming to give everyone the same view. As our work environment gets more exposure, it increases the cha…More

Working Mom of Four Calls MeetingMatrix the Best Company

MeetingMatrix certainly deserves to be on the list Working Mothers best companies. As a working Mother of 4 I can't express enough of how much I love this company, and how my life has changed for the…More

Dad of Four Reviews MeetingMatrix International

...a no brainer!!! I have been in the working community for over 25 years and have worked for my share of horrible companies. The environment that exist here at MeetingMatrix should be adopted by all…More

Loving MeetingMatrix International

In my opinion, MeetingMatrix International should be the number one company on the list. I am proud to work here and look forward to my responsibilities at work. The people I work with are great and …More

Flexible Work at Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton has been included on the list for many years. Whether Booz Allen deserves to be on the list as a great place to work for parents, is highly on the individual's situation. It depen…More

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