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Readers Respond: Tales and Vents About Pumping Breast Milk

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Do you hate pumping breast milk? You're not alone. But pumping breast milk can win a new mom welcome freedom from nursing a hungry newborn. It can also lead to a healthy chuckle at the many places moms have pumped milk. Share your stories of hating, loving or managing pumping breast milk here! Tips on increasing milk supply are especially welcome.

While doing hair makeup

As I'm getting ready for work I have found it quite a time saver to put on my home made hands free bra hook my pump up & sit it on the bathroom sink while I do my hair & makeup, by the time I'm done my breasts are emptied. It saves me so much time!! I work three twelve hour shifts a week from 7p-7a so when I get home in the mornings my husband has already fed the baby so I just need to shower & pump but I'm going to try my hand at pumping in the car on my way to home in the morning like some other mothers suggested!! :-)
—Guest Momma Ruffin

In the car

I work in my clients' homes doing pediatric home nursing. I sometimes miss a pumping session if my night is busy, so I've had great success pumping in the car on the way home. Scrub tops make great cover-ups and the elastic band of a sports bra works well for holding the units in place by their tops. I also tuck the bottoms of the bottles in the elastic waist of my scrub pants for a very comfortable hands free session. It works out well for me.
—Guest Nurse Joy

Football Stadium

I finally had a day out with my husband to go to the Bronco's football game at Mile High stadium and had to use a manual pump in the bathroom. Two days later, I had to pump in the copy room of courthouse while trying to serve my jury duty. They excused me, so I guess they didn't want to find out if I would pump during the trial!
—Guest COmom

at work

I pumped every day twice a day in a tanning room. I worked there so just took a break picked a room shut the door & got 2 bottles done each time. She's plenty stocked up
—Guest jessica

is nursing even ur tired safe?

Im a working mother here in an IT company and being a head cashier my work was very pressured,sometimes i ate late ,i took my break late even lunch break,so when its time to go home sometimes i resist to breastfeed my son eventhough my breast was full of milk because I thought he will be affected maybe he'll got sick or something doesnt good for his health.Please help me is it safe for me to breastfeed my son even im so much exhausted from my work.thanks
—Guest faye

Creative Pumping

My job is one where I am community-based, constantly traveling. I am not always able to return to my office to pump. When I have been out in the community, I have found that churches have been very receptive to my needs. I have generally tried to call ahead in communities I visit frequently, and find a church that is convenient to my route. But there have been times I have just had to walk in cold and say, "Can you help me? I need to pump now!" Most of the time there is a female around who will say, "Oh yes, I've been there, I remember!"
—Guest Davy's Mama

Oh the places you'll pump!

I returned to work when my daughter was 3 months and I have been pumping for 5 months now to supply her milk while I'm at work. Oh the places you'll pump!! Once we had a power outage at work and I carpool with my husband so I had to borrow a co-workers car to get the power to pump! (a car adapter and a hooter hider is a must for pumping in a car!). Once I pumped at a wedding, on a church youth trip in the church van at an orchard (the kids were elsewhere of course), I tried to pump at a movie theater but there was no outlets, the nursery at church, in a hotel room during a conference (mgr was nice enough to let me use an empty room)... I've pumped standing, sitting, in bags, in bottles... while working, while relaxing, while driving (only once and don't recommend it), while talking on the phone... I pump during the day and even in the middle of the night! I definitely have a love hate relationship with my pump! Even though it is a huge commiment it is well worth all the effort!
—Guest kaelyn's mom

A Limo

My ex husband drove a limo, which he brought to my older son's soccer game. Needed to pump during the game (baby was home w/ Grandma) so I "borrowed" the limo and pumped in the back. Ex said "Lot's of weird stuff has happened back there, but never THAT!"
—Guest gjohnson

Don't forget your Hands-free Pumping bra

I pumped for months for my firtborn preemie baby, and only discovered hands-free pumping bras for my second! Definitely worth it. check out wwww.pumpease.com.
—Guest Diane Sam

Whatever free office there is

I am back to work for my 2nd week now after 12 weeks of maternity leave. I starting pumping and breastfeeding the last 2 weeks to build up a supply. I should have started a week before, but it was so hard to feed AND pump. Now I am at work and pumping in my bosses office when he's away, or other co-worker's office. Every time I pump I get milk on his desk and laugh to myself that he has no idea! But I also have to pump in whatever office is free and that's a bit nervewracking. I also had to pump in the car one night I went out with my sister. So far baby is eating bottle during the day and happy to breastfeed when I get home! But it's hard work and any women that does it deserves much respect!
—Guest Kaegan's mom

Milk on Your Lap

Once I had to be at a conference (a lactation conference, actually!) and needed to pump. Since there were other lactation care professionals around I knew they wouldn't care if I pumped during the lecture. I set the flanges up, put my shirt over the pump and turned it on. After a few seconds I started feeling wet on my thighs. I had totally forgotten to attach the bottles! I quickly turned off the pump and cleaned up. The women around me noticed and started cracking up.

Here and There

I've not much of a pumper, with have more frequently with my 2nd child. On our way home from her 1st vacation, I pumped and bottle-fed the last 2 hours of the 12 hour trip. As a doula, my last 2 clients needed natural induction methods during their labors and they used a pump. A couple times during both labors, I plugged in across the room and pumped while they did, supporting from afar. And maybe the most memorable pump-session was during a B.B. King & Buddy Guy Concert.

Oh, so many tales to tell...

I have to admit that after pumping exclusively for my baby for 18 months I have a lot of stories to tell. However, now that I sit to write, they've mostly faded in my mind. There was the airplane, my bosses desk and too many cars to count. There was my room, the living room and the back yard. I pumped in many different cities and states all over. I NEVER pumped in a bathroom. I did pump at the state capital as they were signing breastfeeding legislation into law. At the time it was so hard, I had to hang on to all the funny parts that have now faded away. I am still so proud of myself for doing it. The important things aren't always the easy ones.
—Guest Robin

In the Break Room At Work

When you work twelve hour shifts you've got to pump. So what if the other employees couldn't figure out why the door was locked?

The Amusement Park

A few months after my oldest was born, I left her with Grandma for a day so I could take my niece and nephew to an amusement park. I had to pump in the nurse's lodge three times that day. Fortunately, there were no major injuries at the park so I had my own private room.
—Guest Tweenparenting
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