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Readers Respond: You Know You're a Working Mom When ...

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You open your briefcase and a pacifier falls out. You can participate in a conference call from the sidelines of a middle school soccer game. These are moments that only working moms experience. Please contribute your own experiences and stories -- whether funny, poignant or timeless -- that remind you that you're a working mom. Finish the Sentence

You know you're a working mom when...

Your 4 year old daughter pretends to pump breast milk and freeze it for her baby dolls before dashing off to "work..."
—Guest Heidi isenberg-Feig

You know you're a working mom when...

Your call your time spent commuting back and forth to work "me time."

The Missing Piece

You open a client file and find the missing piece to the Little Einstein puzzle and think "Finally!"

You know you're a working mom when...

...at a meeting in another office, you ask your colleague where you can find the "potty."
—Guest Rachel

You know you're a working mom when...

you feel guilty when you're not at work and equally guilty when you're not at home.
—Guest PT-LawMom

you're getting dressed for work

you find a collection of acorns and seeds in your dress shoes and the pockets of your suit jacket.
—Guest mom of toddler

You Look in the Office Bathroom Mirror

And realize there's dried spit up on your sweater and you still have a Dora sticker on your cheek.
—Guest maisey

You know you're a working mom when...

Racing to the post office, dry cleaners, bank and grocery store on your lunch hour feels luxurious because you don't have a tantrum-throwing five year-old in tow.
—Guest Meagan

You know you're a working mom when...

...you're doing work-related interviews in a hospital ER waiting room in a whisper while waiting to see a doctor because your 2-year old stuck a Lego piece in her nostril. ...you open your purse to see a pair of pink pull-ups along with your keys and wallet ...your iPhone screen has vague stains of dried milk fingerprints ...you're always rushing to work at 7 after dropping the little ones off at day care, then rushing out at 4 to pick her up
—Guest KiT

You Know You're A Working Mom When...

You go to a parent-teacher conference in a full pantsuit, suit-boots with 3 inch heels, and be-jeweled, and have to fold up your suited body on a little kindergarten chair for the meeting with the teacher.

You Know You're a Working Mom When...

You encourage your 11-year old son to get a logo, business cards, and personalized thank you notes for his dog-sitting business.

You Know You're A Working Mom When...

Scrubbing your floors with music playing while the kids are asleep feels like a luxurious getaway of personal time!

You give up on your teeth

You have so little free time that instead of calling to make a dentist appointment, you just resign yourself to losing a few teeth.
—Guest new_at_this


When getting up at 7am is considered sleeping in and your actually excited!
—Guest Avory


Everything you say is slow and clear and in the simplest words then suddenly you realize your speaking to your co workers and not your children.
—Guest Sarah

Finish the Sentence

You Know You're a Working Mom When ...

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