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Readers Respond: Stories of Pregnancy Discrimination

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Pregnancy discrimination is illegal, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Have you seen a colleague suffer at work for being pregnant? Or have you suspected pregnancy discrimination against yourself? Please share your story of pregnancy discrimination.

pregnancy and work discrimination

I am pregnant and we decided to relocate from Maryland to Boston MA. About a month ago I came to Boston for few interviews and at the end of the day I had a verbal agreement to come back and start working September 15. I have to say that right now I am about six month along finally start showing but not too much, if you are not looking for my belly you will not find it. Anyways a month ago you could nit see it at all. I had few interviews and we agreed when I will relocate to Boston just swing by to wrap things up and start working. Make it short, I really like the person who hired (verbally) me, so I though that would be fare to tell him after we agreed on days and compensation that I am pregnant so it would not look like a hidden secret. We shook hands I walked out of the salon ( ACote Salon) and no later than 30 minutes later I received an email suggesting that the owner/manager Mr. Safar made a decision not to hire me. Just like that, plain.
—Guest carina

Pregnant,layed off,and then fired

I was hired in September of 2009.I told my boss I was pregnant in my interview.My co-worker,boss and I were sitting at the lunch table.My co-worker asked how far along was I.My boss said your pregnant.I replied yes.My boss claimed she didn't know I was pregnant and I was told today was my last day young lady.Shortly after we went outside.My boss said in front of all my co-workers that I was fat.I never felt so humiliated.I was the talk almost all day.My boss came to me at the end of the day and I was told that she was going to keep me.A couple weeks later my boss and one of the co-workers were talking down the hall from me.Shortly after my co-worker came down the hall passed by my housekeeping cart.She turned around and started cursing,jumping in my face,and putting me down.I walked away.She was still coming after me in the doorway where I was cleaning my room.A couple days later I was layed off and then placed me on maternity leave.My boss hired new people.January of 2010 I was fired.
—Guest venus

i love being a mum.

i love being a mum. it's the most amazing thing in the world. it's amazing watching my little boy grow up. watching him develop more and more each day. i couldn't ask for anything better than my lovely little boy. i love everything about being a mum. disturbing nights can be very hard to bear especcially when i haven't had much sleep. because i bottle feed i encorage my partner to share the feeds with me.my partner finds it a valuable time to get to no harvey.i was breastfeeding at first and there's not really much my partner can do threw the night. but my partner felt happier and so did i. as with bottlefeeds you can share things. take it in turns to do diffrent things to help each other out. i have just stopped asking myself to be perfect iv stopped trying so hard. you don't have to be perfect and if i were i dont think it would be that good for my little boy. people have to take me as they find me that goes for people and children who drop in and find yesterdays washing up.
—Guest amanda

You know you're a working mom when

when you pull files out of your briefcase and you have to dust off the goldfish and cracker crumbs first.
—Guest Tracey

Fired for Having a 3rd Baby

One of those companies that always tops Working Mothers list of family friendly companies fired a friend when she became pregnant with her 3rd baby. It was like they were humoring her with the first two, but with a third baby, that was it. The third pregnancy seemed to say to the company that clearly her priorities put family over career. She had only excellent reviews for the decade she worked there. They really didn't even try to deny the reason. Just gave her a fat out-of-court settlement in exchange for her silence. That's why I'm always skeptical of those lists of family friendly companies. The official HR rules and benefits do not match the reality of working there.
—Guest JJ

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